Thinking bout xferring to Ysera

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I'm currently on Blackwater Raiders, which has a less than 3K population. I notice Ysera has over 8K and is approx 1:1 H/A ratio. I'm looking for EST, which Ysera meets, and PVE which Ysera also meets.

Can some of you please give me some specifics on the server? How's the economy? How's the progression? Is it really active or just sub inflated?

I'm so tired of logging on to find 20 people on and playing, and a normal in guild pop of less than 5. I need activity!!
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Ysera has ~71,000 active characters, and Blackwater Raiders has ~67,000, so they're nearly even. Not sure what data you were looking at.

At any rate, this server is a complete ghost town, as are 75% of the servers out there. If you want somewhere with a lot of active horde, try Illidan, Tichondrius, or Mal'ganis.
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I just came back to the game a few weeks ago after over a year away. While I have always thought of Ysera as my home server, I do have toons on Illidan and Tichondrius.

The population is down here from its peak and it is certainly quieter than I remember it. However, there are still good people, good guilds, and fun to be had. Illidan and Tich, both PvP servers, are very busy with lots of people on at all times, but very little sense of community. If action at the expense of community is what you want, go there.
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actually, activity as a community is what I'm looking for. Not just me, but my guild as well. We're level 25 and we have a core group of about 5 or 6 players that are raid ready. The problem is, the population on BWR and the raiding mindset is just not there. They are happy being completely casual, which was fine for us before this xpac. None of us have really ever raided consistently. I've personally never been in a current content 10 or 25 man raid. But I've put in a lot of time and effort this xpac to be able to do just that. I had heard a lot of good things about the community in Ysera. Also Area 52 as well. Just trying to gain knowledge from current people on both servers before my guild and I decide what we want to do.
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Well, you didn't specify in your initial post that raiding is what you're after. If raid progression is important to you, there isn't a lot going on on Ysera.

That said, I am not sure "ghost town" is even remotely apt. If that were the case, I wouldn't have to fight people from Ysera for rare and daily spawns! There are always people on; it just doesn't feel crowded, and isn't super competitive. Raiding happens here, though.

I like Ysera, and after transferring elsewhere in the past for a time, I appreciate it more now. For folks who only care about hardcore PvP or raiding, it may SEEM like a "ghost town", but --speaking objectively -- there is something for just about everyone else.
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If raiding is what you're looking for here's what we have to offer.

We have the server's only remaining 25 man raiding guild which is currently at 8/16 heroic progression.

Ward as a 10 man has started heroics and is at 5/16.

There are a variety of active 10 man guilds and I believe Horde and I Know it is looking to transition into being a 25 man guild. We also have a variety of 10 man guilds that are actively raiding.

Server pop is alliance dominated. We do have a smaller server but activity has been increasing in MoP and there are plenty of fun and nice people here.
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01/20/2013 01:17 PMPosted by Nimaj
I had heard a lot of good things about the community in Ysera. Also Area 52 as well.

Ysera as a realm population is perfectly average. We're average horde to alliance. We're average in term of raid guild progress. Average in term of Auction House activity (and thus, prices).

Comparing us to Area 52 is an apples to oranges comparison.

A52 is one of the Top 10 in terms of total realm activity, and is VERY Horde heavy. If you're looking to do raid progress as a Horde player, Area 52 has lots of activity for our faction. That also means if you're starting off raiding with some number of pug players, it's very easy for them to find a guild that's more progressed than you are (ie the grass is always greener). And since A52 has SO many Horde players, AH prices on A52 are pretty low since there's lots of competition to sell trade mats/raid mats/pets

01/21/2013 08:12 AMPosted by Enigmaran
Server pop is alliance dominated.

Actually, Ysera is one of the closest Realms currently to 1:1 for horde/alliance ratio. Even when Midwinter was on Ysera, the Alliance ratio was only SLIGHTLY higher.
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Alliance isn't quite dead either. While we don't compare to Midwinter, and we have a lot of highs and lows, Natural Order is a huge, incredibly active force for the alliance.

Ysera's a great server if you like a comfortable medium. I am happy I came here despite its average status. There are good people here and aside from the odd Continuum drama issue, this server is one of the most level headed and drama-free out there.
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I love it here, ive been on multiple servers, but this one is home for me. I have characters on horde and Alliance, although this is my primary i truely enjoy it here.
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