[A]10 - Inevitable Failure 8/16 - Fri/Sat PM

90 Human Rogue
Inevitable Failure raids Friday and Saturday evening, 9-12 server (MST). We tend to skew older, but have folks from mid 20s to 50s.

We have an immediate need for two raiders: 1 healer (monk/paladin/shaman) with DPS offspec; 1 caster dps.

At this point we'd also like to over-recruit as well, with an eye towards punishing Deernuts when he tabs out to Diablo 3, getting French Bread from the bathroom, and making smoothies for 20 minutes, by giving his spot to someone else.

We would like to recruit three more folks in some combination of a tank, ranged and melee dps, and healer. If you're interested in our raid times (Fri/Sat 9-12 MST), please hit Mech up in game (mostly Mechaninja, Mechasolidus, Mechakisc right now), or Boldar, Isindre, or Duckstain, for more details. These are NOT bench spots, they are core raid postions.

The goal is 13 raiders for a 10 man team, and will mean everyone on the raid team sitting out about once per month or so. The end result will be that if someone screws up, they can be benched (short or long term), or if someone has an emergency, we have spare raiders to take their spot.

Again, we have an immediate need for a healer and a dps, without whom we do not have a raid team; we would like to recruit three raiders beyond that to increase our raid pool.

I cleaned up the application a little this week, and will do more this weekend, mebbe.
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90 Human Rogue
Our application is less silly now.

It is still a bit silly.

It was very silly before.
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90 Night Elf Druid
01/19/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Mechaninja
The end result will be that if someone screws up, they can be benched

It wasn't my fault, it was lack of Kokanee...
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90 Human Rogue
I never figured out what Kokanee is. Canadian for beer? Sort of like a much colder Foster's?
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90 Worgen Druid
Pretty sure most people are looking for awesomeness. Once they join they will be glad to know they met me ;) "Lord of the Chubs"
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90 Human Rogue
Oh yeah, seriously, Cody is in our guild, not any other. That ought to be the main draw, I would think.
Edited by Mechaninja on 2/1/2013 2:29 PM PST
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