We are a small guild that recently transferred to Black Dragonflight. Life got in the way at the beginning of MoP but we are dedicated to putting together a solid group and are looking for more interested in raiding. Currently raiding as a 10 man group, we are hoping to grow into 25 man content. We raid on Fri/Sat nights but some run alts during the week as well. Raid leaders have experience through ToES with many HM and elite kills.

If you are tired of sitting on the bench, need a weekend raid group, or just getting started, we may be the guild for you. While we aren't a hard-core guild, we do want to progress but have fun while doing so. Our only requirements are that you know your class and work to improve, whether it be gear, rotation, or mechanics. If interested, please contact a guild member or send in-game mail to Mysterieux.