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Yo, how do you promote people in your guilds, and how do your promotion structures work? I'm curious.
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We don't use excessive promotion schemes.

When someone joins the guild they are either a trial (and stay in the bottom rank), an alt (and they promoted to alt with a guild note about who they are), or a friend/family (and they get promoted to the friend/family rank).

Once a trial has passed their trial they promoted to the raider rank for the appropriate team they are raiding with. If they fail the trial they are either kicked or moved to friend/family.

Officers are only promoted when there is a direct need for that person. It is discussed by myself and the co-GM. If we agree then we speak with them, ask them if they are interested in the role we want them for, and then promote them. The entire duration of this guild we have promoted 2 people to the full officer rank.

There is nothing complicated about it. We don't waste time on veteran ranks. We don't have multiple ranks for the same role in the guild. You are either a trial, friend/family, alt, or raider.
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90 Human Warlock
Going from lowest level to highest:

Inactive (members who have not been on in over three months, after six months they are booted) We also use this if we suspect account compromise (hacked) to secure our guild bank

Initiate- Automatically given rank, promotion given to member after two week probationary period. Limited access to guild mats, no free gear repairs.

Member- After probationary period is over, more access to guild mats, free gear repairs.

Veteran- Given once member has hit 1 year (or close). Higher level of access to mats (including enchanting mats), more gold for repairs.

Officer- Only given if there is a truly identified need (role) in the guild. For example Raid Leader, Recruiter, and Quartermaster (someone who keeps the guild bank tidy). Officers have full access to guild bank, including the officers tab which has the bulk of blue/purple gear, enchant mats. Quartermaster has a daily allowance to purchase mats as needed. Other officers do not have this privilege since it is beyond the scope of their job. ALL officers have the ability to invite new members.

Captain- basically the Co-GM all rights and privileges, promote/demote, kick, full access to guild bank including gold. I am the Captain/Co-GM, the relationship I have with the GM is a personal one, I have known him for almost 10 years. But basically what I say, goes. This position requires a lot of trust because this rank has just about all the rights and privileges as a GM. Who ever has this position must prove themselves as an officer to ensure the position will be not abused.

GM- Well, you can imagine what that comes with.

Because we are a casual guild, we wanted to make a rank structure that does not have a total emphasis of rank based on raiding. While we do raid, those who do not participate will still have a chance to be recognized for their effort and time put in the guild. We also personally acknowledge guildies who have been promoted with a personal message in their mail, and depending on the rank it will include some novelty item like a pet.
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90 Draenei Priest
Promotions really depend on the type of guild you are running.

Most of the "social/casual" guilds who's leaders I know have promotions based on level or length of time in guild. Something like (these are just generic rank names)...

Officer Alts (includes GL alts)
Veteran - Max level and/or in guild for fairly long time (3-6 months or longer...some use as long as a year, you decide)
Member - Mid level range (40-89"ish") and/or in guild for 2+ weeks (or initiate phase) to Vet status
Lowbie - Low level range (1-39"ish"...if you use levels as your "guage"). **Some place this rank under "officer" or "officer alts" as a secondary Officer rank for Activity Directors, Class Leaders, Raid Leaders, etc**.
Alt - Veteran and Member alts
Initiate - New member (2 weeks, or whatever your "initiate" time frame is)
Probation or Vacation - Players who haven't played for a while or who have broken standards of the guild, typically has no permissions other than guild chat


My guild typically doesn't "promote". We have 9 ranks that say what you "do" in the guild, which are mainly geared toward raiding structure:

Top Dog - the GL
Top Dog Again - GL alts
Somebody - Officers
Somebody Too - Officer alts
Wipes on Trash - Wed/Thurs Raid Team Members
Flask on Trash - Fri/Sat Raid Team Members
That's My Bud - Social/Casual Members (generally friends or family members of raiders)
Under Alias - All non-officer alts
Pick Me! - Trials/New Members (approx 2 week duration)
Out to Lunch - Off-line for 30+ days - no permissions (used for suspected account compromises)

Members join at Initiate (which we call "Pick Me!") then after the initial 2 week "initiate period" are promoted to the rank they are likely to be in as long as they are a member of our guild.

I typically have 2 to 3 officers and only "promote" when necessary to replace one who either leaves the game, guild or no longer has the time to commit to the responsibilities.


Promotions are really "arbitrary" in most situations and, other than to show length of time in guild, raid status or level (depending on the type of guild) are not really needed. Once your members match the criteria of the next available rank (up to "veteran" or whatever you chose for that rank name) no further promotions are necessary.

Too many players at any "officer" rank can do more harm than good. Determine how many "officers" you need and hold to that number (whether it's 2 or 20). Just because someone has been in the guild for 6 months (or a year...any arbitrary time frame really) doesn't mean they are officer material or that you "need" another officer.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Ah, thank you so much, sorry it took time to get back to this thread, but this is GREAT feedback, that has given me something to definitely consider. Hm, perhaps giving a LONG length of time in the guild for a veteran rank is a good idea. I will work it out. In the meantime, if any other guild wants to share their promoting structures here, that would be great, for more ideas, but this thread is already wonderful and helpful to read, so thank you!
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14 Human Mage
We do the usual:

GL Alts
Officer Alts
New members (rank folks stay in till they show up for several days) and Offline folks

Clean and simple.

My guild leader only gives officer rank to those who are willing to step up and lead events for most part. Officers have access to the raiding mats tab for raids. She takes care of guild bank so that's taken care of. She runs one raid group. I lead the 25 man and another raid group, host activities and almost have a RBG group up and running. We have 2 more raid leaders that are officers and another that runs events/website/facebook page. All of us raid leaders do recruiting for other raids (I have fancy spreadsheet I keep updated on our recruits/openings.)

Unless you actively lead something or have some busy work (like taking care of busy guild bank or sole recruiter) I don't see the point in promotion beyond raider. One of the first guilds I joined I was promoted to officer within like a week. Was flattering but there were no raids, chaos, nothing happening, except for horrifically boring 2 hour required officer meetings on like weekly basis (get enough of that at work). Wound up jumping ship (on good terms--still friendly with that guild and GL) for another guild where I was just a raider. 10 man progression guild that only did raids, which were okay (eh, screaming divas for most part) until I realized I was not enjoying the raids at all and the place was dead 5 days a week. Mercifully Star Wars killed that one and now I'm happy where I am.

We have officer meetings now, but its like once every 2 months for 30 minutes and generally have set agenda with actual stuff to talk about. So much better.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
People come in as members, and within 2 weeks to a month, they are raiders, some sort of officer. The promotion to officer comes from being in mumble often and showing some sort of help once or twice.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
Yeah, I got promoted to Champion on this toon (there was "plebien" which was initiate) then at level 40 when I got honored with the guild I became a "peon" (a member) then at 60 and revered I became a "grunt" (kind of like a senior member) then finally at level 80 I became a "champion" (a veteran, the rank below the raider rank). As I had exalted as well. Thinking all guilds should go like that but I'm not sure. I am in another guild where I'm level 90 though and still at the very bottom rank.
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90 Night Elf Druid
My guild's system is fairly simple:

Initiate - new member, have a little bit of repair that's it.

MIA - ppl who have not been active for 2 months or more

Member - ppl who have been in the guild for a week or more. Also included low level alts of raiders, senior members, and officers/gm.

Senior Member - folks who have been in the guild for 3 months or more and have proven to be helpful to the guild community. Also included retired raiders and casual/part time raiders

Raider alts - Alts of the 2 teams that are most actively played and are level 85 or higher

Team Swag - evening raiding team core

Team Tofu - morning raiding team core

Management Alt - officer and gm alts that are level 85 or higher

Guild King - officer. There is no system on how many officers the guild have. Promotion is based on guild needs and personal contribution/role the officer wish to take on. We only have 1 officer at the moment. He is the raid leader of Team Swag and guild babysitter when the gm is offline.

Gm - aka. Guild babysitter. Deals with everything about a guild you can think of. Also raid leader of Team Tofu.
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90 Undead Warrior
start with your guild's goals, look at what types of players you want, and then start with a smaller number of ranks to separate them. promote when your guild has a need that's not being fulfilled
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90 Troll Mage
Our guild is both a raiding semi-hardcore guild and a social/casual guild, myself being a casual these days.. as such, I've mixed the traditional raiding ranks with RP type guild social ranks. We are one of the larger guilds on Mal'Ganis with some 300 active members (logged in with in 7 days).. Currently we look like this;

Senior Officers, 3 total (must have authenticator)

GM - myself
Deputy GM - my right hand man, runs the guild day to day and oversees officers, all GM powers, and unlimited Guild tab/bank access.
Adjutant - a senior officer who is in charge of admin, promote, demote, remove, and guild social events, most powers, and slightly more limited guild bank / gold access.

Junior Officers, 3 with 2 vacant posts:

Lieutenant - a rank held by the chief raiding officer, and leader of our top rated 10 man team "Plan B" - promote / demote /o and officer notes, as well as MTOD.
This rank is also assigned to a junior adjutant officer which assists the above adjutant with admin
Raid Commander - Raid Leaders .... can promote /demote but not remove. /o and officer notes

Rank & File:

Raider normal rostered raider and backup raider ranks. Each core of 10 and 25 man names their team and labels the public note, there are 4 currently and the respective Raid Commanders are fully in charge of their cores, and maintaining their discipline. - 200g/day repairs

Sergeant Major - Senior casual member, or trial raider rank - 50g/day repairs + ginvite
First Sergeant - Normal member rank for level 90 toons and alts - 25g/day repairs
Sergeant - normal rank for level 10-89 leveling toon - 15g/day repairs
Private probation rank, or disciplined rank for trouble making players, 0g/day repairs, also more than 1 month inactive.
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90 Human Warlock
Tsunami Guild ranks on our end

Fresh Meat- new member or members who rarely come online and haven't interacted. Trail is 2 weeks.

Storm- member

Mini Earthquake - JR officer... positions for experienced players who qualify for officer but are not online long enough to fill officer duties

Earthquake - officer position

Field Marshal- co gm position plus his alts and GM alts

Big Kahuna- GM
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90 Draenei Death Knight
I just wanted to say that I have read all of this, and thank you for your constructive feedback very much, it's very helpful. Sorry I haven't replied, but I do tend to get myself in trouble by talking too much sometimes, and I didn't want to derail my own thread :P so thank you all again for your feedback and posting.
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90 Human Paladin
My RP guild used to do entirely IC ranks and promotions based on military structures through in game RP. That didn't work too great all of the time, though; a character could be fantastic officer material, while the player was not (or had no time/interest). Or a player could be great officer material, and the character was not a believable officer.

With the changes to guilds in Cata, when I took over the guild just before MoP I went to a social OOC rank structure. We're a very small but steady 8 year old guild that's mostly casual social game play when not RPing. Some of us raid, via an alliance with a sister guild that's around the same age.

With this, I am able to do "IC promotions" and change peoples' ranks in their Guild Notes; since we have a private forum on the website, I use Officer Notes in game to denote alts, AFK info, etc. and anyone can view them.

OOC promotions are based on time--and it has to be a few months, at least, due to our guild's age. Also based on interest and activity. People who run content as a group and promote RP are usually important in that regard. Posting stories, helpful information, and generally being chatty and friendly get people an eventual promotion, but it's not a focus of the average member.

GM (me)

Officers - Currently 3 people who are active in RP, 2 of them in raiding, and who have experience as officers, as well as the time, energy, and knowledge of the guild to handle things. Authenticator required.

"Liasons" - A rank for my and the officers alt characters, with many of the same permissions. Authenticator required.

Veteran - Long term (years) trusted members/junior officers. These are former officers who don't have the time and energy, or people learning to be officers, who know the ropes and can help out as they are able. They can invite to the guild, but not promote or demote. They can also take charge of the guild if anything happens to me and/or our officers.

"Dragoons" - Normal member rank, must pass an IC interview. Majority of members, and most perfectly content there.

"Agents" - Alts and Friends & Family rank. We get some folks we know who just want a friendly RP home and guild tag, but end up not playing to the main concept of the guild. Or people want to put their alts in for guild achievements and, back when guild leveling was rougher, leveling up.

"Reservists" - People AFK for 2 months or more. If they never gave a reason for their absence, after 6-8 months--usually longer--they're booted (and free to whisper for a reinvite if/when they come back). We're a really small RP guild; we don't need new people to feel we're mostly absentee players they'll never interact with. This is also, in theory, where we'd stick anyone who rule breaks or causes drama. Haven't had that issue yet, but it's there if needed. The rank has 0 permissions; no gchat (which is IC, they can still talk in our OOC channel), no bank.

Recruits - Newbie rank. Even if we know the player, if they don't currently have a Dragoon they go here to keep it fair. Depending on activity (chat, RP stuff, going on runs), it takes roughly a month to get the IC interview and promotion to either full Dragoon or Agent, depending on character.

The rank structure for our sister guild is a lot more involved and I'm not entirely sure how they promote aside from, like us, time, dedication, activity, and interest in having more responsibility.
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90 Orc Warrior
We maintain two officers so that there are no split votes. We have a trial rank for trials and a raider rank for raiders. There's also a raider alt rank but it doesn't have any significance and is only for organizational purposes. We have a has been rank for former raiders and a casual rank for anyone who wants a ginvite for perks or whatever.

I like keeping things pretty informal but I know that other guilds in this thread have stricter regimes. Tyrnyx kept me as a trial for like two months! :P
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90 Worgen Druid
Hahahahaaha, yea we did keep you there for awhile >.>
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
GM - El Presidente - Myself.

Officers - VP of Marketing - These are basically the raid officers; they are excellent raiders, are able to lead raids or other activities such as Challenge Modes, and take care of some of the communication/administrative duties. Currently there are 3 of them.

Raid Team - Self explanatory. If you make the Raid Team you get put into a raid spot every week or as much as possible. These have full access to the raid tabs for their flasks, food, gems, etc. They are also surrender their contact information upon reaching this rank as we communicate via Text messages if outside the game for raid scheduling/attendance purposes.

Stand-by Raiders - Part time raiders who can fill in where possible. If players are still gearing up, working on their characters, or even sometimes still levelling they are given this rank. These have partial access to the raid tabs as they have a very limited need of items within.

Casual Members - Non-raiders who are part of the guild nonetheless. They have the same rights as everyone else except they can't access the Raid tabs as obviously they have no need of anything in there. Most of the raiders' alts have this rank.

Chaters - Brand new members and anyone on probation for GB theft. We don't kick for GB theft if items are returned. Everything expensive is held by me personally. Those who are away from the game for an extended period get placed into this rank as well.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
<The Legends Reborn> comes from a long history of being a social guild. We don't use separate ranks for raiders and non-raiders; now that we're in to RBGs we still don't use a separate rank for our PvPers either. Our ranking system is as follows:


General -- Reserved for people dedicated to the guild. Chosen only by the GM.

Colonel -- Class officers. The go-to people for information about specs, glyphs, rotation, etc.

Major -- Introductory officer position.

**Most officers have an in-game job such as monitoring the guild vault, coordinating achievements (guild and personal runs), or leading raids/RBGs/etc. The ones that don't assist wherever they can.**

Master Sergeant -- A regular member that shows dedication to the guild. Goes out of their way to improve the quality of life for the guild. A potential person to fill an officer role. Officers continually evaluate these people and

First Sergeant -- A relatively new rank. This is where some officer alts stop their progression. However it is not limited to only officer toons. It currently serves as a filler rank.

Sergeant -- Historically someone who has been in the guild for about a month and has donated level appropriate profession mats to the guild vault, as requested by the officer assigning the guild quest.

Private -- The minimum rank required to raid. We do not take people below this rank whenever we can avoid it. Historically these people have had to "give back to their roots" by handing out bags to lowbies.

Trainee -- Toons that have shown they have the ability to read (there are a fair number of people who leave the guild before ever achieving this rank!)

Applicant -- Introductory rank. These people can not pull from the guild vault and they can not talk in guild chat (a left over feature to combat spammers during the Burning Crusade era). In order to reach Trainee these people need to go to our website, read the rules, and send an officer an in-game mail with a phrase we have imbedded on our rules page.

All of our officers must have an authenticator. Most ranks are achieved one at a time, with a waiting period between promotions. We used to use a "guild quest" system, but we're currently revamping our quests and have settled on an in-game point system for now. We fill our raids based on rank and then by sign up time. Generals are always invited, but generally step down to allow other members to raid. If our last spot comes down to two Privates, the one that signed up first gets the invite. Officer alts get no special treatment! They have to work up through the ranks just like everyone else.

In Cata we limited each player to 1 officer toon. We didn't have a need for those extra officers. We use a separate, in game chat channel as officer chat so that officer alts can participate. Earlier this month we also started a Facebook page for our officer meetings.

I will update this post with clarification and updates as needed.
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90 Draenei Paladin
We have a trial rank, a general member rank, an alt rank, a full time back-up raider rank, 2 raid team ranks, 2 raid leader ranks, and a GM rank.

Trial ranks have limited access to repairs/bank. They get promoted after a certain time of general activity, usually 2 or 3 weeks if they are around frequently. Longer if not.

Members have full access to the general bank tab.

Each raid team has it's own raid tab and leader and roster. Keeps drama to zero.

We have what I would generally consider a flat guild structure, no pyramid of ranks.


Our ACTUAL ranks are:

Ultra Magnus - GM
Optimus Prime - Raid Leader
Megatron - Raid Leader
Autobot - Raid team
Decepticon - Raid team
Mini-con - Full time back up raider
Cybertronian - Member rank
Tin Can - Trials

Cartoons from the 80s own your face. Just saying.
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