Dirt Dogs (A-Eredar-US) are recruiting active, mature, friendly people for our level 25 guild and online community.

We have been active on Eredar since the beginning and we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, mature, friendly, helpful, and consistent environment. We are a diverse group of fun-loving people who enjoy many aspects of the game from raiding to running instances, challenge modes, battlegrounds, arenas, questing, socializing, and many other fun adventures!

Whether you're a pack hound or lone wolf, you’ll find a warm and fun environment to enhance your enjoyment of the game. We're celebrating 8 years under the same leadership, and we'd like to welcome you to your new home online.

As a Dirt Dog, you are entitled to:
  • Friendly, active guildmates
  • Regular social activities, in-game and out
  • A judgment-free, non-hostile environment
  • Fair treatment, and an established process for dealing with issues
  • Open and honest communication from officers
  • A voice in the operation of the guild
  • The benefits of a level 25 guild, including a well-stocked bank, and free repairs.
  • Equal raid time, depending on role requirements

As a Dirt Dog, you are expected to:
  • Join on your main toon (and preferably all of your alts)
  • Uphold our code of conduct
  • Understand our raid policies, including the loot system (if you want to raid)

How Dirt Dogs Raid:
  • Dirt Dogs are organized, casual raiders
  • We raid once or twice a week on the same days and times
  • We utilize a unique and fair loot system we created, called Trump (read more on our site)
  • We welcome raiders of all skill levels ranging from novice to expert
  • We expect that you show up on time and ready to raid

Sounds interesting. So, now what?
  • Visit, learn more, and apply at www.dirtdoggaming.com; or
  • Contact Keles or Tavington in-game

We look forward to hearing from you!