Still waiting to recruit someone to be loyal and be on everyday to play with me in wow im lvl 90 with 4 malevolent items good at pvp 6 years of expeirence and I Got more toons that are good. Looking for someone to Rbg with Raid Dungeon and have fun with. I am a fast learner very expeirence with azeroth; horde. realm is Lothar. Will help with getting expansions and money i got a lvl 12 guild and its growing fast Its called:THE AKATSUKI!!! we have no mercy on allaince and we are ready for anything. I want the expeirience bonus and when I upgrade u I want to rez scroll on You so we can have the spectral windrider and hopefully we can be 90 by 10 days!! I AM GOOD AT LVLING IN ALL PROFESSIONS!!! email me at or write me in game my name is madarastrikz. pst me at narutokilz, kkushh, kureniaz, and toohigh!!! waiting anytime anyplace any where for a person to rely on !!! pst me or email asap and reply to this post ill add u and get ur email too!!!