Tonight we Dine

90 Goblin Shaman
"We haffa truh-try dis stuff on da pinkskins! We know it wuh-works on dem cow-men. Do wez know auh-any one who'd do it willingly? Da cows was easy!" Sizzlack said, rubbing his gloved hands together. Bits of dirt rolling into each other falling on the ground below. He scrunchs his face at his brother by stuffing his pinky into his nose, removing quickly and looking at the bounty he hath found.

With his back turned, “Da con-coct-ion will hold, I guarantee; little brotha, that it’ll work on any of non-green epidermis. But I’s…. guess we should test it. But none of dese test subjekts will do. Lets procure’a…live and unwilling specimen. Perhaps we can kill two birds wif one stone’ere. I’m thinkin’ one of dem knights of lite – one of dem Paladins.” Remarked Spankalee, twirling around to look at his brother. “Repulsive.” Shaking his head at his brother who is stairing at the booger on his finger, he continued “Paladins are not typically of green skin. I’s pontificate if wez can pervert one hard enuff a Paladin too can be green. I think so.”

“Puh-paladins? Dem shiny guys wiffa shield an’ dat damn lite? Why on euh-earf would you wuh-want to do that? Dey nuffin’ but trouble. Why, luh-look at dat Valandil fella – hims one of dem elfs and he’s always huh-harpin’ onus ta ‘convert’ or wateva.”

“Valandil is an extremist, he gains power dapendin’ on how many followa’s he has. An elf would be too easy, ya giv’m enough dried Green Tea Leaf an dey pass rite out. Nah, lets go big – lets get us a hummie.”

“A huh-huh-hummie? Hmm. What we dun’ turn can we eh-eat?”

“No you dolt, experimentation purposes only.” Quipped Spankalee. He deftly pulls a pale violet scrying stone from his robes. Waving his hand an image begins to assimilate from the mists in the stone. Dark brooding trees, a canopy which blots out the sun.

“But whuh-where would we get sucha pinky away from Stuh-Stormwind?” whined Sizzlack.

Spankalee waves his hand over the stone a second time all while smiling: “The answer to your question my dear brotha, resides within this stone: Darkshire.”
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90 Goblin Shaman
This has been postponed
Our plans have fallen through
it will happen soon
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