Hello all. Recently Remnant which was 9/16 transfered servers. The main reason was if we had someone missing due to RL issues it was nearly impossible to find a replacement. I did not go with them and I am happy to say my main is happy joining Aegis.

The main reason for this post is I have 7 90's and one 88. I would like to get each one in a progession guild so that if a guild needs an extra I can ask around to the other guilds if they have someone available.

I do have Aegis covered with my hunter and my shadow priest is now in ROA. I do have a DK in Exalted with ChuckNorris which are all in progression mode. If any gm reads this, look me up and ill transfer a toon over to your guild.

My toons are tuladran, tuladrin, tuladron, tuladrane, tuladren, tuladrun, cerac, lilth, krinus (Dont feel like paying the extra money to change last 3 to a tula start)
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