Resto shaman tips for Heroic Will 10?

90 Pandaren Shaman
Hi Healing!

About to attempt Heroic Will for the first time this week- very excited, very nervous!

I'm seeing that the fight calls for constant AoE healing and hard-hitting tank heals; I think my pally healer and I are up to it, for sure! But just to touch base, here's my planned strat-

-Take UE talent, cast on tank to make next single-target heal epic, use my normal UE proc to keep my HR super-powered; cast heal on tank to make uise of talent choice, directly after.
-HST on CD, recall totem at 1 sec left as often as possible for mana return (I feel mana will be tiiight)
-Yell at raid to be stacked in middle to make best use of HR and CH
-Clench my butt
-Hope to god our Shadowpriest/Hunter/Holydin can handle the sparks
-Cry and use ALL the cooldowns, as early and then as often as possible

If I understand right, there's no specific time when damage will increase more, since the fog is out ALWAYS- is this right?
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90 Orc Shaman
UE vs PE on this fight is really preference imo. Yes you are right about the tank thing (tank damage is obscene on this fight), but they take such intermittent damage with how often the dance happens (seriously, you will be so surprised at how often this occurs - its a 10 step dance this time). But its still really good. Just don't expect to be bombing UE over and over again on the tank (or rather dont expect it to have a use) because they only take damage half the time.

Thus, while it might edge out, arguments can be made for the earth ele + astral shift + a shield for a backup soak etc (really depends on comp, I didn't have to do this, but its not the worst thing to have a backup).

The real talent to have here IMO (I didn't get to chain heal really with the setup we had so I didn't use EoE here) is nature's swiftness because the tank damage is really spiky and erratic at times. Having that cooldown really helped me. i am usually a big proponent of EM but I switched it on this fight. I cannot comment on EoE but unless if you are spamminng chain heal excessively (which probably works but I couldn't do it with my setup), I can't see it mathing out to be that useful.

Glyph HST. Absolutely 0 reason not to. Get rid of your cleanse glyph. And yes recall it like you said.

The raid thing... really depends on your comp. We ran 2 - 3 melee (one was a tank spec iirc) and so we had 2 tanks in the back. The 5 ranged in the middle (2 heals + 3 ranged) were NOT always in range of the healing rain (nor was it mana efficient or fully effective for me as a result) and so I honestly got buy more with GHW bombs on targets (kind of playing triage on whatever our discipline priest missed). But if you can really convince your 6 ranged + heals to stay there and if you have some kind of plan for how you deal with courages (we had all the ranged running into a portal and so that kind of messed up healing rain, for instance).

I think I didn't even touch chain heal more than a couple times in the encounter. But again, I am pretty sure both methods worked. I had my reasons for the single target bombs as opposed to chain heal (stated above), but both work depending on who you are healing with. Since you are healing with a paladin, you probably will be able to chain heal more.

Yes about the cooldowns - use them often and almost always on cooldowns because on this fight if someone messes up a rotation, that usually means a wipe. There is almost no salvaging unless if you have a backup soaker. Thus, cooldowns (for me at least) were used whenever tanks were taking damage and were used almost on cooldown since the fight never gets harder until like the 5th set of adds (I think thats the soft enrage).

Yes damage doesn't increase more but THERE is a soft enrage after the 5th set of adds IIRC. Someone can confirm if its the 5th or 6th but I am pretty sure its the 5th. When I say "set" i mean each set = the 3 groups that come. Those 3 groups constitute one set. Anyhow, after the 5th set, they start coming faster and after allowing less time on the boss.

With shadowpriest and hunter, all rages should always be taken care of I believe (with exception of first set which your tank gets since first two sets of three come back to back). It should be hunter - spriest - hunter.

Who is your strength soaker? We had one of our melee do it in tank spec + take any spark there.

Who is on your courage soak? Your holy paladin cannot get every one.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
01/22/2013 04:30 PMPosted by Kynrith
If I understand right, there's no specific time when damage will increase more, since the fog is out ALWAYS- is this right?

Correct., unless the tanks do something wrong or fail to mechanics.
It's a really simple fight, and it's pretty easy to heal, so I wouldn't stress about it too much at all.
Just make sure your raid has a set strat down for the adds
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90 Troll Shaman
We had to break our healing into front and back for 10 man (25 man too). Largely because we had 2 melee dealing with rages (DK for control and a rogue who soaked everything), and you couldn't always be in range of them AND the tanks. I actually using earthgrap-projection to get an initial snare on every rage wave so I was in the back.

I don't see a hunter+spriest being able to kill the rages before they reach them without stuns/grip/70%+ slowing/knockback help. Hunter trap will help a little but once entrapment gets broken they'll be in the center of room in no time.
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100 Undead Priest
Riptide/Greater Healing wave rotation until gas comes out, pop healing tide, throw some chain heals out, and use healing rain. Shamans are really good on this fight. Be sure to watch your mana closely on this fight, use healing wave as filler for the most part. weave in some chain heals before gas too if you choose to take glyph of chaining, which might not be a bad idea
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90 Tauren Paladin
01/22/2013 04:30 PMPosted by Kynrith
Cry and use ALL the cooldowns, as early and then as often as possible

Really not a bad fight to heal. Besides tanks all damage is pretty slow and constant. And as long as the tank can dance it isn't that bad either.

Really not a healing intensive fight, more about your soakers and positioning sparks.
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