Terrible Swift Sword is recruiting anyone interested in PvP.

TSS is also looking to recruit for PvE/Raid see the bottom of the topic for details.

TSS is the largest guild on Dark Iron with all 900+ members being "active"(no one with over a month of inactive). We are a very friendly group of people trying to make it in the hard world... of warcraft.

If you're interested in RBG, or Arenas, or casual bg during the down time feel free to send a pm to:


PVE: We use to be a PvE oriented guild until our raid leader and many of the higher ranked members were hit by the hurricane and many are still AWOL. We have a replacement raid leader finally but are now looking for a good foundation to build ourselves off of.

PVE: If you're interested please pm any of the above officers and tell them your desire and it'll be met to the best of their ability.

As always, IMMA WAWWIAR!!!!! and I love you.