Calling all of Duskwood's finest, it's Gnomes of course, come be a part of something fun again. Looking for active players to come fill the ranks here. Gnome alts and mains of any level are wanted and accepted. Want to level a new toon on the side, roll a Gnome and sign up with us.

What we're promising.....well Gnomes is about all we have at the moment. What we hope to have eventually well for those of you who love playing your Gnome toons think of all Gnome raids someday, all Gnome dungeons, how much do we all secretly love when a random PUG group is by the sheer grace of the RNG gods made up of all Gnomes? Epic isn't it?

We just want that on a larger scale eventually. This is meant to be a fun place to level and relax while we gain members and the future possibilities are endless.