Frost dk vs WW monk dps

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02/10/2013 02:39 AMPosted by Turmoyl
There are fights where ww monks beat frost dk and there are fights where frost dk beat ww monks. its more important what playstyle you like.

If you're talking about 5.1, you are wrong. WW is terrible in 5.1.

It's much improved in 5.2.
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I don't trust the Simcraft numbers for two reasons:

  • The Raidbot parses across the board all have other melee specs outperforming WW Monks. Could be many reasons for this, but we're approaching a point of maturity in the xpac where Monks should be familiar with the DPS priority, at least in PvE.
  • Simming a tank and spank, Patchwork fight is becoming less and less a 'real DPS' indicator as encounters become more and more complex.

From a personal point of view, I feel I do very well (PvE) on this Monk as DPS. Perhaps there aren't enough focusing on WW Monks as their main for sample sizes to accurately reflect the Simcraft numbers. I suppose we'll see what happens when Blizzard starts their numbers tuning on the PTR.
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I would hate that. At least now I can skip FoF and not feel too bad about it. If it did more damage I would feel obligated to hit that button, even though it roots me.

I've been saying it since beta and I'll keep saying it now, FoF needs to allow movement.
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