[A/H] Halaa battle token extravaganza! Feb 9!

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Looking for participants to farm for Halaa Battle Tokens in Nagrand! What are these used for, you may ask? You can buy mounts! You love mounts, right? I love mounts.

The mounts you can get from this currency are:
Reins of the Dark Riding Talbuk for 70 Halaa Battle Token & 15 Halaa Research Token
Reins of the Dark War Talbuk for 100 Halaa Battle Token & 20 Halaa Research Token
You can also get a Mystic Dawnstone, which is a nice yellow gem that gives you +10 PVP Resilience.

For a full list of what Halaa battle tokens can get you, please visit this page: http://www.wowhead.com/item=26045/halaa-battle-token#currency-for

This event will take place in Halaa on February 9th starting at 6pm server time! If a suitable amount of players are not found, the date will be pushed back to the next Saturday until eventually we have enough people.

It is preferred that you are of level 85-90. All classes, factions, guilds, and races are welcome to join! It would also be nice if you would stick around for awhile and let everyone farm their tokens evenly. Once everyone who needs the tokens has reached a suitable amount, the event will be over and you can all go buy your talbuk.

Keep in mind that the mounts also require you to have 15-20 Halaa Research Tokens as well. You can get a Research Token by turning in 20 units of "Oshu'gun Crystal Powder" (obtained as a random drop from the mobs in Nagrand) to the researcher in Halaa as long as your faction controls the point.

If you will be participating, please post here! Bring some friends! Crossrealm players are also accepted! The more the merrier!

I would also like to recommend that we remove all armor before starting the fight. This will keep us from having huge repair bills and we'll die much easier, making this go a lot faster!

List of Horde participants:
  • Vaseral, 90 Paladin
  • Charger, 90 Druid
  • Morfumac, 90 Druid
  • Lacearia, 90 Rogue (Crossrealm)
  • Vynlendor, 90 Warlock
  • List of Alliance participants:
  • I can't remember his name but he's an 85 Rogue and needs someone to crossrealm him over to SC!
  • Apologies for any errors in this post! uwu

    NEWS: Summons are now available! My warlock friend just hit 85 so he will be joining as well. Horde only, sorry!
    Edited by Vaseral on 2/1/2013 4:57 PM PST
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    90 Tauren Druid
    For the glory of the Horde--

    Well, for the glory of everyone, really. And free mounts.
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    90 Orc Hunter
    I would be interested. I only need 110 Halaa Battle Token and 17 Halaa Research Token to get both mounts. If you see me around, throw me an invite, please.
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    90 Blood Elf Paladin
    As I figured, this will be set back. :P
    To next Saturday it is!

    Also my warlock friend Vynlendor just hit 85 and will be participating whenever this does happen, so we can summon you if you're on Horde!
    Edited by Vaseral on 2/1/2013 4:58 PM PST
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