I will be forming a raid group to complete: Friday 5-7pm server time ( Mogu'shan Vaults), Friday 7-9pm server time ( Heart of Fear). Saturday 5-9pm server time ( Terrace of Endless Springs). Understand first off that there are no guranteed spots. I don't care if you write me today or 30 minutes prior to raid. What matters is the following:
1. Show up 30 minutes prior to raid.
2. Be Prepared, know fights.
3. At least 5 Health pot, 20 pots ( int, agl, str, etc), 3 flasks, gems/ enchants ready.
4. Be Fully enchanted, i will be inspecting everyone; if you are not gem'd/ enchanted, you will not be invited to the group and will be put on ignore.

Understand, there will be no breaks for these raids. We will be pushing throughout the raid. Loot rules are: MS>OS ( the spec you come into the raid for). All patterns, D/E'd gear, spirits, etc will be held unto until the end of the raid and then rolls for those who can actually use the iten ( patterns), then open rolls for everyone. Trash Loot will be held unto , until after a boss kill. Vent is mandatory. The character you are wishing to bring best helps you out by already having the experience when i armor. More will be added once we are full and ready to pull. I will do this for 2 weeks and then we will start with heroics of the same set-up. Pst / write me in game if you have any/ all questions.