were a very young guild at this point but were acutally pushing quit well but have hit a wall of shorts with some stupid drama within the guild that has left us with a paladin healer and mage dps leaving or main 10 man group were looking for experience players to feel those spots.

at this point we dont really care if you geared or not will get you the gear we just need dedicated raiders that will show up

as of right now were sitting 6/6 MV 1/6 H MV 4/6 HoF

if we could get a consistent group we really wanta dive into the heroics more but untill we find the ppl were kinda stuck with what we have.

if you wanta give it a try and enjoy progresssion raiding wsp Jàkè or Afksrevenge in game

we got a good group of ppl but we just need couple more great players to fill in our gaps aand will hit the ground running