Holy priest healing, advices plz!

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Hi all,

I recently began raiding again after a 6month hiatus (main was a resto druid during DS). I picked up my priest again, and rather than going with the popular disc spec, I decided to play holy. It is the spec I have always played (last time played was 4.1) and I really like the spec. However, it seems that I am underperforming in raids. It would be great if someone can take a look at my logs and give me some advices on how to improve healing.

Here are my logs for tonight's full clear HoF.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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I found your problem:


There's a disc priest in your raid. Please stay on the line. An extermination specialist will assist you shortly.

More seriously: In the fight I linked, there was 35,029,621 damage to be split between the two healers (there was some additional damage but it was captured by the tank/dps mitigation/passive healing abilities and so is not really available to you).

Of that ~35M damage, the disc priest absorbed about 13.5M - it was just gone before it even happened. So that left 21.5M damage that was actually accessible to you.

You healed 12.3M, or 57%, of the damage that was actually available for you to heal. That's really not bad. It's plausible that you might have been able to do better - but it would have been quite hard.

Look at what the disc priest was doing. He was spamming PoH at >70% overhealing to stack DA. That means a fair amount of the damage that did break through DA, including much of the tank damage, was healed immediately by a PoH that was already being precast when it happened. So he caught not only his shielded damage, but a good chunk of his healed damage as well, before you even had a chance.

That's not to say you couldn't have done better. There are some things you could have improved that would have let you take more of the healing. For instance:

1) You could have popped Divine Hymn at least once and possibly twice. You probably never needed to, but you could have. (It's really quite nice in p2 when you arrive at the end the second time, for instance.)

2) You could have hit CoH a little closer to its CD - it's one of the few spells disc priests have trouble defending against.

3) You probably could have just cast more in general. From your spell breakdown, it looks to me like you probably had extra mana. Disc priests aren't the only ones who can spam PoH at 70% overhealing...:)

Looking over some of your other fights...really it's the same story all the way through. There's nothing particularly wrong with your healing. Just with the environment you're trying to do it in. I see you 3-healed Empress with a disc priest and a paladin. You poor thing.

If I were you, I'd give up on trying to compete on healing and spend as much time as possible in Chakra: Chastise trying to see if you can beat some of the DPS in your raid. I think you have a good shot at it. Just don't forget to switch back to Sanc to pop Divine Hymn :)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Your Disc priest is kind of being a jerk. I mean, maybe he's just super aggressive, but he's be a tad ridiculous with how much he's overhealing. He's basically sniping up all of the healing, and contributing nothing more than that. I don't see him doing much Atonement at all, which makes me sad because he could be contributing to getting the boss down faster while letting you have something to do.
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