Hello everyone,
Devil's Rejects is now looking for new people to join us for raiding as we are lacking people to complete our raid group. We need dps and healers as much as we can get!

We are not an elitist guild, we're not asking you to be a certain ILvl as long as you are willing to raid and get better gear, you're in!

For those of you who are not yet geared for raids i am willing to run some heroic instances, im sure some other people in the guild will tag along if necessary, we have vent and no, there are no annoying people spamming random stuff in vent.:)

Raiding is not the only thing we are do, old instances,ICC and such, im would also like to try challenge mode if we can get a group together that'd be cool. :)
For raid time we usually raid on saturday but if you'd like to change raiding time you can send a mail to Maxious and tell him what day and time you'd like the raid to be at.

Pst me in-game for invites also if im not there you can try those following people:

Thanks for your time, have a good day!