Low skill healer.

83 Orc Shaman
Hey, ive played all healer classes at low levels and imo I think disc priest and holy pallys are the easiest. Im currently looking for a class that doesnt require much skill to play.. As in it wont take a long time for me to master.. Speaking pvp wise. I mostly play my warrior and dk and want a class that I can not play everyday and still be good at it. A healing alt for pvp. My current thoughts are priest or pally cus I always feel like I know what im doing when I heal.. Am I correct in choosing these classes for heals.. Ima level 2 just to have options open in 5.2. Any recommendations?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
The thing is, what you want to be quantified really can't be. As a DPS or Tank, you're playing the game versus whatever you're fighting - opposing players, giant internet dragons, whatever.

As a healer, you're playing the game against your own team as well as the opposing team.
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90 Gnome Monk
I've played 4/5 healers in PvP this xpac(haven't played shaman) and I've found monk to be the easiest, hands down.

You have an amazing escape--->roll/chi torpedo
The best healer passive in the game--->dematerialize
Only spammable instant heal--->healing spheres
Monster instant aoe heal--->revival
etc, etc

I think pally is fairly easy as well thanks to bubble, but you have a lot more CDs to manage as a pally than as a monk. Holy priest has a ton of instants and with the addition of 30% blessed resilience next patch may end up being a really strong healer as well.
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90 Human Mage
...None of the healing classes are hard. What you should be aiming for is viability.

In which case you can't go wrong with resto sham, resto druid or holy paladin.
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