GC/FL DK dps LF guild Returning to dk main

90 Pandaren Mage
My names John. and I've been playing my death knight pretty much a week after WoTLK came out, As mop came out I tried switching to my mage as my main ( 492 4/16 hm knowing all fights on hardmode) Just did not work out for me. I took about a month break to focus me on League of Legends and SHOUTcasting which I still try to do. I wanna come back to what I know, What I've done for a long time and make my Death knight my main. I do understand I'm low on Gear Score, Just hit 90 the other day working my butt off on the gear issue. I didn't stress to much on this gear's gems and enchants just because its gonna be upgrading ( hopefully ) quickly

My experience
BC: Cleared everything but sunwell pre 3.0, clearing sunwell Post 3.0
Nax/6min malygos/ and 3d sarth done before January. (we were killing 3d when the void zones where still red lol)
Uld 13/13 ironbound proto wayyyy before ToC came out.
ToC: 5/5 hm Grand Crusader
ICC: 11/12 hm at 10% I had then got a job working night shift 12 hours so I really couldent raid

Just got laid off so only went like 6/how many ever boss's there was on heroic.
Firelands: Firelord pre triangle nerf
Failsoul: I cleared 3 or 4 hard modes then I took a very long break. Just wasn't my idea for raiding and really erked me.

MoP Switched to my mage as my main (Bad Idea)
4/16 hms Know all of them. Killed first boss in TotES on Elite

Really wanna know raid times As I do wanna try and raid around SHOUTcasting but if all else fails we can figure something out.

One thing that comes with me is I have been streaming a lot and plan to hopefully turn it into a Job here really soon. Between WoW and LoL
www.twitch.tv/national_esl1 & National_esl2 is where I do most of my casting

So will be streaming most if not all raids. Chat will be blocked and can turn off vent/mumble if need be.

If you are interested in talking and what not
real id - JohnGussey@gmail.com
You can find me when I'm streaming at www.twitch.tv/JGussey (actually from this post gonna go take a shower then start streaming :D)

Thank you :)
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Well !@#$ it posted on the wrong toon .This is my dk
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