Avengers of the Alliance is a relaxed and casual lv 25 guild that raids 10m content and we are looking to fill the last spot on our 2nd core raid team. We are also always looking for good people in general to join the guild.

What we're looking for:
1 heals. At the moment we are looking for either a Holy Pally.
That being said we are more than willing to consider a quality player wanting to bring any other ranged class.

The person that filsl this spots can expect to raid 2-3 nights a week from 8pm server until 1130pm server time. They can also expect to have a pretty good time with a group of people who, by and large, have been playing together for at least a year and in a couple of cases several years and know how to play to everyones strengths and weakness. We also supply guild repairs, raid food and flasks.

What we expect is actually pretty simple. Those that fill this spot is expected to have a good knowledge of their class and spec and to be correctly gemmed and enchanted. We expect you to have at least a basic idea of the fights we are doing on a given night. Watch the vids and read the strats. You must have vent and DBM. All the normal things expected of someone looking to raid.

Pst or ingame mail for consideration to Rhykus, Bashamu, Knick or Mallot or simply reply to this thread.

Thanks for your time.

Bashamu, Main Officer, Avengers of the Alliance
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