Your views on ERP?

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I'm personally not a fan of taking part in ERP. That doesn't mean I can't understand why people ERP. Thankfully as a Death Knight the issue of sex is not one that comes up. Still, ERP has its place (Goldshire) and as long as it's not spilling out in the middle of the Cathedral District I don't see harm coming from it.
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However with that said if you're being a moron and doing it say in the middle of a tavern I think it's time for a lecture in how bans are made..

"See kids when a Report and GM love each other veerrryy much..."

Hilarious. Thank you. :D
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I'd say the controversy is over a stereotype that ERPers are poor roleplayers and affect the community negatively.

...I'd argue there's some truth to that in a general sense. And as someone who finds the way player fixation on sexuality gets a spotlight in WoW RP at large to be hard to believe in an immersive story, I can kind of see why some players will be so agitated about this.

I think there's lots of good reasons to personally be against ERP, whether from your own moral standards or just a commitment to avoid the OOC emotional entanglements it can produce. However, I would guess that some of the most outspoken posters/players aren't nearly as opinionated about sexual morality in RL or as fan service in media, and they are just following the majority in bashing ERPers as the scum of the roleplaying community.

There might be a few that actually don't like it for the right reasons, but I think that it's typically a self-righteous front to cover a double standard against an "acceptable target."
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01/22/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Drelyn
I would guess that some of the most outspoken posters/players aren't nearly as opinionated about sexual morality in RL or as fan service in media, and they are just following the majority in bashing ERPers as the scum of the roleplaying community.

I've suspected this for a long time now. It seems ridiculous to me that so many people can be so uptight and butthurt over something so trivial.
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I sometimes get bored and go to an rp server to mess around, and it is not uncommon at all that I get bombarded with whispers of erp stuff, sometimes going into great detail of "what they are doing to me" gotta admit it creeps me the hell out, but I usually politely say that I am not interest in erp, and 9/10 times they apologize and go on to I'm assuming whispering another random person...the 1/10 times they do not I just put them on ignore and move on,

I do think people should do a common curtisy and ask if the person erps before diving right into a full blown erp in the first message, something like whispering "((erp?))"" rather then "I begin nibbling on your neck as I <censored> on your <censored>, then I <censored> softly, I begin to shake as you <censored> <censored> <censored>, then place a gold piece in your hand and slap you on the <censored>, and wink at you, ; thank you for your time." yea, the latter for first message is creepy to those of us not interested in erp, but I'm fine with what people do on their own, just ask before you get carried away

so true.

i just got whispered something pretty simaler to that, and that is pretty creepy
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01/22/2013 11:14 AMPosted by Drelyn
However, I would guess that some of the most outspoken posters/players aren't nearly as opinionated about sexual morality in RL or as fan service in media, and they are just following the majority in bashing ERPers as the scum of the roleplaying community.

I am as conservative about sex in meatspace as I am online, if not morso. Its not because of morality or double standards but because of logic.

01/26/2013 01:26 AMPosted by Werewoof
i just got whispered something pretty simaler to that, and that is pretty creepy

I used to have a name starting with the letters 'you' on a text based game.
People would get excited when typing their adult posts at each other and forget to enter the name of their tell target (/name) and would wind up with "/you feel blah blah blah". I got the creepiest and most disturbing tells and afterwards the person who accidentally messaged me would usually log out, probably out of shame. (I usually responded with: o.O)
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I'm not into ERP. It's not my thing. I'll admit I tried it once because, hey, you can't judge something without trying it first, but I definitely know I don't like it.

That being said, I don't mind if other people like it. Just keep it private and to yourselves, and don't expect me to get involved. I don't mind if certain actions progress a storyline, but I'll just FTB (fade to black) when it comes time. You know, just skip over the night and start RPing with the "waking up in the morning" element.

That's just my two cents, though.
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91 Orc Shaman
01/21/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Elderhunter
I think, like all others, is it's better in private, and aslong as it's not for. . . ummm your own purposes in real life, then it's fine.

I want to see BOTH of your hands on the keyboard!
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Hey, being an avid RPer I've dabbled once or twice, but honestly I tend to do a "fade to black" situation because normally I don't have the time to just spell out every detail.

My alt is a goblin warrior gal who plays like most D&D characters. She drinks, thinks she's the hottest thing since sliced bread. But she uses sex as a tool to get information.

Deedaru here is quite conservative because I'm tired of the prototypical Draenei or Night Elf gal using their good looks to appease human males. You can be a strong female protagonist without having to dress scantily clad.

And don't worry, doing it in private is a VERY priority based thing for me, though there are some buttnoids out there who actively seek it out and call people out.

Yes, I'm admitting I've dabbled into ERP, but don't let that cloud your judgement that we are all terribad RPers because of Moanguard.
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01/21/2013 04:27 PMPosted by Maoseitun
As long as it's private idgaf.
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90 Human Rogue
Keep it private, nobody wants to see it in public channels.
Ask first, otherwise you may not like the results.
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01/21/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Ithalin
If it advances the plot, why the hell not?

I've always found this to be sort of a cop out/prudish answer as a way to justify one's true feelings on erp. If you are honestly seeking to advance the plot of your story, a fade to black scenario will suffice. An entire drawn out love scene with all the details would hardly be necessary. If your character having sex is honestly only meant to add to the story, just making it implied that it happened would be good enough. Its like watching a movie where the two people are in a bedroom and the scene ends in a passionate kiss but goes no further. Cut scene to the next day. The audience knows that sex took place and that it means the relationship may have gone to another level. They didn't have to watch the characters doing the nasty for an hour to realize that.

The reality is that if you can RP erotically with another person, including all of the details, and not be affected at all by're doing it wrong. Is the sole purpose to get turned on by it? That depends on the RPer and, quite frankly, doesn't entirely matter, nor is it anyone's business because erp is and should be private. People's intents, wants, and motivations do not affect or harm you in any way. The thing is, we're all human. Humans are sexual beings and sexual things often interest us. It isn't anything to be ashamed of or anything unnatural. Going around saying pretentious things like "well it advances my story" only makes you look like you're trying to justify something you're ashamed of.
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90 Draenei Priest
Out of respect for others, just do it privately.
I'm fine with it pertaining to advancing plot lines, or even if you're doing it because it's your kind of thing; but when I have people psting me to do so just for kicks, etc. it's irritating.
My friends that do do it have the decency to do it in a party chat, etc. Those that are interested, can get invs/etc. (if you need to do it in a public place like the Trade District, for whatever reason).
I see it similarly to p0rn on the internet, it's there if you want it, but (literally) don't go letting it hang out there.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Can we let this die please? Its not even worth discussing.
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60 Gnome Rogue
If you think it's not worth discussing and don't like the subject, then why post? Just let the people who want to dicuss this do so.
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95 Orc Warrior
Personally doesn't grab me, or advance any of my plot lines. I also hate it when someone tries to engage one of my relatively few (and purposely fugly) female characters. If the aspiring Romeo could see past the avatar to the Goblin King looking person on the keyboard, projectile vomiting would be the best scenario for them; burnt out retinas the most probable, and abject gibbering horror in Arkham sanatorium not impossible.

I also have no interest in ERPing with that hot elf chick, because of my fear that it is some fat 15 year old boy wearing his sister's underwear and typing with one hand.

But that is just me. Do what you want with your subscription.
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I don't see anything wrong with ERP. As long as its in whispers and not shoved in peoples faces then its the choice of 2 willing participants :)

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*hands the bat to beat the dead horse*

Whispers, party. Never out in public. If you -must- do it that is.. Personally doesn't do anything for me, just another form of RP and it can just be FTB'd. Not saying I won't or haven't done it, but to each their own.
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43 Human Warrior
I think treating ERPers like they're convicted rapists is pretty screwed up. That being said, if someone just came up to me and started trying to ERP, I would report them on the spot. My philosophy is, if what someone is doing doesn't affect you, leave them be. As long as they keep it in party chat or PMs, I say go for it. I just really hate it when I see someone in general chat announcing to everyone that two people are ERPing in the woods in Elwynn. If they're secluded, minding their own business, there's no reason to go tell everyone. It's literally the most immature thing you can do. If it really bothers you that much, just report it and go about your business. By announcing it and trying to humiliate them or turn them into pariahs, you're being more vulgar than they are.
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The Necromancy Voodoo is strong with this Thread.

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