Your views on ERP?

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01/22/2013 12:39 AMPosted by Rarh
What happens in whispers, stays in whispers.

And if you are going to do the motions, find a bush or a isolated area, you know, where your characters would be comfortable doing it and not make the guards come and throw them in jail.
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I have no problem with it. If it is done in whispers and not in the middle of Wayfarer's then what is the problem? I myself have done it. I'm not going to post and lie, I play on an RP server, who hasn't at least been exposed to some of it on one. If it progresses the storyline and is not bothering anyone else, I have no issue with it.

I pay for my own gametime. Not yours, and you do not pay for mine. So I cannot tell anyone else how to play. That being said, I have seen open ERP in the middle of the Bazaar in Silvermoon. Things like that just happen on our servers, we might as well get use to seeing it and either report it or ignore it and go on about your business.
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01/27/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Saiyue
If it advances the plot, why the hell not?

I've always found this to be sort of a cop out/prudish answer as a way to justify one's true feelings on erp. If you are honestly seeking to advance the plot of your story, a fade to black scenario will suffice. An entire drawn out love scene with all the details would hardly be necessary. If your character having sex is honestly only meant to add to the story, just making it implied that it happened would be good enough. Its like watching a movie where the two people are in a bedroom and the scene ends in a passionate kiss but goes no further.

Sorry to say but I find your view to be the prudish cop out. I'm an old RPer who would ERP when the time called for it and a lot more tends to happen during sex than just sex. A lot of emotions happen to your character, sometimes a lot of doubts. I've had a character realise, during sex, that she was really not in love with the person she was having sex with and she had just made the biggest mistake of her life. ERP is just like any other aspect of RP. things can happen that you were not expecting that can entirely change the course of your storyline. Glossing over it with a fade to black is a detriment to that, though I respect that some people are not comfortable with ERP I don't judge them, just as I would not wish for them to judge my choice to ERP. I don't do it to get my jollies, I do it because sex is a part of life and life is what we are supposed to be acting out in these characters thus I feel it is natural.
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