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So, a lot has changed since I last played this game ( Right after Cata ). The Talent System changes are horrid, IMO. :p The new character creation interface is cool, though. I'm loving my panda and the monk class so far. Looks like all my mounts are shared by all my characters of the same faction on the server, as well as the vanity/battle pets. I wound up wasting a LOT of time playing PokeWoW when I figured it out. XD The semi-merged servers throws me off a LOT...and makes it seem odd to me that general chat is so dang QUIET now.

Anyway, a question: Is it just me or is the guild search tool basically useless for finding an RP guild? It seems far too many guilds just check all the flags, regardless of whether they're RP or not. The majority of the results I turn up seem to be quite plainly non-RP guilds. :(
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New to the game really. I'm now loving this battle pets and have just start but I'm looking for a guild that is trying to get in to the pet battle/Pokemon frame of mind. if you come across anything like this. would like to join.
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Welcome back, Cheylah, and welcome to the game, Windigø! (Don't you love playing as a Panda, Cheylah? I'm finally working on levelling an alt because I adore them so much!)

I'm not certain about the guild search tool, but it certainly sounds as if the guilds are checking all the flags, just like you mentioned. (Which would be frustrating when looking for a guild that RPs specifically!) There's a SoE guild directory sticky that mentions a lot of Alliance RP guilds, though I'm not sure how active a lot of them are. Many guilds are of the 'RP optional but encouraged' vein, which makes it so that RP gatherings tend to involve people from a wide variety of guilds. If you'd like, I can start asking around and seeing what
ones are active. (Admittedly, I'm biased and might try to nudge you in the direction of the
guild I'm in, Underground Covenant, but will promise to be encouraging in whatever choice you make!)
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There is also a list on, feel free to check that out too.
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You'll find that both lists are sorely out of date and don't reflect upon SoE currently any longer, nor are most if any of the guilds there what you'd like to involve yourself with. I'll refer back to another thread along the same lines that I've already answered. And again good luck to you.
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02/05/2013 04:09 PMPosted by Talibah
There is also a list on, feel free to check that out too.

I'd forgotten about that! An excellent suggestion, and has much more recent guild listings! Tamz mentions a number of guilds (both Alliance and Horde) in the 5th page of the 'Welcome' section.
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