Why ret?

100 Human Paladin
Because im not playing this class/spec purely for numbers, min/maxing abilities, or playing flavor of the month best classes. I play because i wanted to be a (or at least pretend to be) the paladin from warcraft 3. A plated holy !@# kicker. If i wanted to play a fury juggernaught of destruction ied play a warrior. If i wanted to be one of Arthas' former lackeys, ied be a DK, and if i wanted to heal, ied playa priest.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
B/c its fun.

I honestly fell into ret after tanking since bc. I just dont feel like tanking this xpac, but i enjoy my pally. So i picked up ret.

I have other 90s and am working on another but i always come back to this toon.

In raids we rock. Great utility and pretty good dps. A well timed sh fol or loh can save the raid and devo aura can make aoe dmg much more manageable for heals

In pvp, my issue appears to be getting addressed in 5.2. Our healing is bs now hopefully 5.2 will be a solid buff. As long as it makes "train the ret" no longer the go-to strat in arena ill be happy.

Right now, unless i run with heals, i spend the whole match los'ing and running like hell casting fol/wog. My basic strat is just live long enough for my partner to get a kill and weaken the other enemy enough so when i die (which is almost guaranteed) my partner can easily 1v1 the guy. My hope is the healing buff will have me an edge and allow me to live through dmg with enough hp to be dangerous once first enemy drops. We shall see.
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86 Orc Hunter
I play my ret paladin over my frost DK cause everytime I log onto my DK my guild bugs me to run heroics or scenarios with them. zzzzz
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31 Human Paladin
Why do people go to art school? Why do people eat fast food? Because Liking something > Doing something useful.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Because its fun .
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90 Human Paladin
From pvp ret perspective
originally, through a haze of (now legal) herb smoke I thought a Belf pally would be original... it wasnt...

After I learned keybinds, pallys became more attractive because of their ability to both kill effectively as well as keep an ally alive.. a clutch bubble, HoF or crit heal on an ally being focused is as satisfying as a kill in a BG... I hope things return to that soon.
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