Blizzard you fail!

90 Goblin Hunter
Okay ranting here and I don't care about you childish immature go QQ comments. This has been a serious issue with healers for a long time and I am honestly done. I have 54% damage reduction for pvp and about 10% pvp power, which I don't get since I use the same gear and have over 20% pvp power in Elemental Specialization. DO DPS get twice the benefit from PVP power as healers? I'm just sadden to see my BIG heals go off for a measly 20k or something in PVP.

Okay the current state of play for healers is bad. We get trained with no way for us to get away. AT ALL.. but god forbid 4 or 5 people try to kill that warrior that can self heal for 30% of his life and do attacks that heal him a portion of his life back as well. Or how about the death knight that sits at 1 hp for 4 or 5 seconds impervious to death. that can still dish out 50k+ hits.

I want to see melee not be able to spam attacks any more I want to see cooldowns on ALL their attacks, except whtie attacks. NO MORE BACK TO BACK SPAMMING FOR MELEE. GIVE US CASTERS AND especially healers more an ability to really get rid of their attacks. How about we be able to interrupt them mid swing or stun them back to back to back so they can't get a single attack off. TOO MANY INTERRUPTS AND TOO MANY STUNS ARE AVAILABLE TO EACH CLASS TO SHUT DOWN HEALERS!. Do hunters really need to entrap me, stun me with their pet, stun with with their scatter shot, silence me with their silencing shot, all the while not even skipping a beat on their massive damage they can do..

Or how about warriors... charge (stunned), shockwave (stunned), pummel, charge again, fear... ITS NOT NEEDED with the ungodly and unnecessary nerf to healing. How am I gonna get hit for 96k, 89k, 50k, 40k, 11k, 14k before I can even get out of a 1.5 second stun and then when I go to heal I get silenced or charged and have it happen all over again. Or if I use my Nature's Swiftness after taken all that damage and seeing a big old 20k healed.. makes me want to just delete EVERY CHARACTER AND DELETE MY ACCOUNT... I say you owe me 15 dollars for every month for the past couple years for making this class damn near unplayable. I shouldnt have to rely on other people (people to peel) to be able to PVP. I should be able to hold my own ground! I shouldnt need peels, I should be able to do to them what they are doing to me! I should be able to disarm them I should be able to stun them and I should be able to "lock" them out of being able to use 2hand weapons or 1 hand weapons or shield.. WTF EVER. YOU WANT TO BALANCE PVP and you're not!!! Making some abilities work again mobs but not players is what needs to happen.. NOT NERF the class because it's too much for PVP.. HOW ABOUT GIVING MELEE an AUTOMATIC 15% reduction to damage and then add in Resilience rediuction on top of that. It's not balanced when a player can hit me for 90 to 100k back to back and I can land a heal for 20k. its bull!@#$.. and and the heal better be instant cast or i'll get locked out or silenced or stunned or feared.... FIX IT BLIZZARD OR I AM GONE ohh wait I can root them... nope... sorry you gave them a way to break out of that... ALL CLASSES CAN ECSCAPE OUR CC With CLASS ABILITIES AND I HAVE TO USE A TRINKET!!! I CANT BREAK SILENCE!!! My yearly subscription ends in may. if things do not get better for healers. I will not be resubscribing. I have been a loyal member of this game since march of 2005 and this is the last straw for me. GET %^-*ing killed at full health by a druid before I can walk outside of his silence area of effect to heal. I guess giving people the ability to just silence me wasn't enough even, you had to make it an aoe. seriously do something about it.. ITS !@#$ING SAD...

I want to see healers with more ways of shutting down melee and ranged attackers. Specially shaman. our 35 second grounding totem... PATHETIC! our 12 second cooldown interrupt.. pathetic.. our stun on a 5 second delayed time.. pathetic.. how about you give those resctrictions to melee... How about giving warriors shockwave a 5 second delayed timer before it goes off! cause you know by the time my capacitor totem goes off it's either killed or people just move away from it AND it's on a 45 second CD!!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
While this is a valid complaint, I will say something to the contrary. It isn't QUITE that bad once you're fully geared. While dps can blow you up with cooldowns and cc chains, as a druid, resto shaman, or paladin, you can recover with a decent amount of effort from most non uber-bursty attacks.

Now, CC is running rampant and needs to be toned down. However, the way to invoke change is not by railing against the system in a self righteous rant. Instead, you have to create an insightful, well written post saying exactly what needs to be changed in game, how you came to that conclusion, even anecdotes can be helpful if multiple other people are noticing the same thing.

Burst is a similar problem.

A post like this just makes you seem childish, rude and demanding. Three things that cause people to not take you seriously.

It's like writing an official letter to your boss asking for a raise and calling him a !@#$%^-*!@. You aren't going to get anything out of it. At least nothing good.
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90 Goblin Hunter
Okay very well....

I feel like I do not benefit at all from being a healer in PVP. All classes that are going in DPS have some form or another to heal themselves. What is the point in taking a healer along if other classes can heal themselves enough to win most fights. Battlegrounds is supposed to be about teamwork, PVP in general I thought was about team work. I remember when only a few classes had the ability to silence casters, mostly rogues. But that was a rogues job in pvp shut the casters down. Now any one can come along and stun me to near death and then silence me the rest of the way to death.

Now it doesn't matter, I can snare them for a second, long enough to take two steps and attempt to heal before I get some kind of range interrupt or stun/disoriented. It's OVERBOARD! If I have to bring some one with me to kill some as a healer(I don't expect to kill any one as a healer).. then dammit they can bring someone to try and shut me down to kill me. 9 times out of 10 I can get killed before being able to react. And I spend the entire time stunned, disoriented, silenced.

I suggest getting rid of interrupts. Getting rid of silence on classes that can stun or getting rid of stuns on some classes and giving them silences. (warriors, rogues, DK, Mages, hunters, paladins, locks, druids, priest, shaman). Get rid of the capacitor totem and giving this stun innately to shamans. A stun on a delayed timer, really?! ( Here lets make rogues Kidney Punch take 5 seconds before it stuns me) OR How about giving all shaman the ability to get Lightning storm, kinda like the resto druids running around with typhoon. NOT EVERY CLASS NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO STUN, DISORIENT, INTERRUPT, FEAR, and SILENCE! Only class that need all these but fear is a rogue. End of story no one else should be able to have all of these together. Give some to some classes, some to other classes. It will bring variety back to PVP and maybe even Arena. Scrap 2v2 do 3V3, 4v4, 5v5. Then each team will need a healer, a dps and a control. Or could run two dps and a healer or two control and a dps.. etc...

And don't get me wrong i'm not saying only one or two classes should be able to keep casters from casting. but not every single class should be able to keep me from casting repeatedly, back to back to where I become unplayable for the first 7 to 10 seconds of any battle, if I even last the first 2 seconds.

And here is why I say get rid of interrupts... make Heals, all heals instant cast, but give them a cool down timer of what their casting times would be (adjusted from haste).. so Greater Healing Waves Cooldown would be 2.5 seconds (roughly). If I can get killed from 350k health in about 2 to 5 seconds (depending on if I can get a heal off) Then I can still get killed between healing spell CDs. They will just have to time their silences and stuns better and not just wait for me to start casting. Anyways... I shouldn't have to fake cast to get people to waste their abilities... I can't fake myself to be in one spot and really be behind someone and make them miss their attack. hell I cant' even run around in circles behind people and make them lose LOS and stop their spell from going of..
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90 Gnome Priest
Amen brudda
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91 Human Warrior
The real problem is the CC

Being the healer, you are usually the first target, so it is a very frustrating.
I think some defensive counters need to be designed to make players think twice before just zerging someone down. Not just damage reduction, nullification / getting locked out of your own skills for interrupting some special cast, something of that nature.

I tried a healer in PVP for a short time, and I didn't enjoy at it all.
I tried a mage in PVP and it was a lot more fun.

So I feel that PVP as a healer in WOW is very unrewarding.
Keep in mind this was in Cata, and it has gotten much worse from what I have read.
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90 Human Priest
Seriously, it's not bad once you get geared. You just have to play smarter now. I decided to stick with Priest healing even though it is the worst possible choice among all the healers for PvP. You sound really mad. Being mad and calling for nerfs is not going to help you get better. You want stuns and silences removed, but are you doing what you can to avoid them? You want all heals to be instant casts? Have you learned to Juke? We have to play differently now. We can't just run into the middle of the fight and tank all that damage like we did in Cata. It also sounds to me like you aren't getting much support from your DPS.
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