Mature Content of Nordrassil US is recruiting 3 Ranged dps for our raid team. We raid Sundays 4-8pm server time and Mondays 5:30-8:30 server time.
We are a level 25 guild. Must be 18 years old minimum.

Before I go any further, if you are not serious about a commitment to 9 other people and being there when you say you will be there, don't bother reading any further.

With that said, we are an adult guild. We are close knit and truly enjoy playing the game as much for the time spent with our guild members as the time spent killing bosses. We are a casual guild but when raid time starts we take our raiding serious. We have ranked on the average around 20th on the realm for progression only raiding 2 nights a week and until recent people deciding to not show up for raids were ranked 17th on the realm after not starting to raid until almost 2 months after the expansion for Mists. If you are interested in a guild that takes care of it's own with an adult environment and agree with what is said in this recruitment post, we are interested in you. Every one of our raiders has a family and does not appreciate wasting their time trying to pug people to fill raid spots when people do not show up. We understand real life happens and sometimes it's unavoidable, but we make contact numbers available to inform someone ahead of time. We have a guild website to post on, we also have a facebook page to post on. We offer enough ways to inform our team if for any reason you cannot make a raid time.We truly believe we live or die, climb or fall by the people we run with, after all, that is what it means to be a guild.We are also interested in people who may not want to raid every week, but would like to serve as an alternate, for an alternate we are recruiting every class and spec with the understanding that as an alternate you would only raid if a full time raider had posted out or if on any given boss a full time raider does not need any items and an alternate could use items off of that particular boss.We provide the normal things a guild provides including vent, repairs, food, flasks, we have guild profession officers who handle all crafting of gear, gems, enchants for our raid team. We ask that in return you have a capable computer that will not explode during raiding on a regular basis. A stable internet connection, ventrilo downloaded, a mic, a good attitude and a drive to perform.

You can contact Loomina, Fenrys or Healingpains in game or use Healingpain's real id at for further information.
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