Rate the Lock Xmog above you!

90 Blood Elf Warlock
Dont let the xmog thread sink :/

Also need a suggestion for my gloves, not a big fan of sha skin set.
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90 Goblin Warlock
Dont let the xmog thread sink :/

Also need a suggestion for my gloves, not a big fan of sha skin set.

I would recommend the same gloves from the set your robe is from (I think it's tier 9, Ulduar?)

Those match!

Also I changed up my Xmog a bit! Work in progress, of course, but I kind of like where it's at right now.
90 Blood Elf Warlock
My goal was to look like I was being twisted by the power I was stealing from the Old Gods.
90 Goblin Warlock
01/23/2013 05:56 PMPosted by Entropix
My goal was to look like I was being twisted by the power I was stealing from the Old Gods.

9.5 / 10.

I like it, but the shoes are the .5 that's throwing me off.

Still, very original and nice!
90 Blood Elf Warlock
Man, I had just upgraded recently and forgot to mog the shoes back :-( Ill have to go do that.
90 Human Warlock

Im going to give you a 7.
While the tentacles of the helm match the dominant color scheme... The proportional size of the helm to the other pieces dont mesh well which is a common problem when mixing official sets.

Also the architecture is a bit off as the helm is more of a decrepid look while t2.5 is rigid and texturized....as is understandable considering its particular tier's theme.

Though i did like your motivation and it fit well into the set, lore wise.
90 Blood Elf Warlock
I kind of liked the idea of looking odd, like something was off with the set. Chaotic almost. It's harder than you think to find things that are really old-godsy without using the default set from Deathwing.
90 Human Warlock
You forgot to rate me :(
90 Goblin Warlock
01/23/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Sfer
You forgot to rate me :(

He forgot to rate me too.

And you forgot to rate me (I rated him).
90 Human Warlock
This is for Sfer : I'd say a 7.5/10
Nice set, I love those pants and boots combo, tunics are awesome. But I don't like the shoulders or the hat too much, just opinion though.

I'm not finished with my mog set yet, but this is it so far...
Not bad, 7/10. Would be interesting to see it completed.
90 Blood Elf Warlock
Apologies, I got so excited I forgot to rate...I shall commence with the rating.

Nezza 8...I've never seen dark coven look good until you paired it with the combo you have on. I'm not generally a fan of the WOTLK sets but I definately dig the way you have comboed them up :-)

Sfer 7...The Hat kind of kills the look for me but the rest of the mog is phenom...

Ghostyqt 7.5...You kind of look like some weird cross between a lock and some kind of gladiator. Definately a unique look.

Mouse...7 But only because I cant really see the shoulders so its hard to see the overall look of the set
90 Blood Elf Warlock
@Entropix 7/10 I like the helm but idk about the robe.

Don't bother armorying me it doesn't do my set justice.

90 Gnome Warlock
@ Mmphmmp 6.5/10

A little too bright for my tastes, but it fits a belf

I wish my stupid pose didn't obscure mine as much as it does
90 Human Warlock
@sadir you so cute i give a 8 for being adorable :P
80 Human Warlock
8/10, scary one there. Like the robe.

Go easy on mine. Work in progress. Its funny when people ask me if I'm healing in instances.
90 Troll Warlock
@Dimme. 6/10
@Mmmmppph 9/10

I see where people might think you're a (Chesty... very chesty) priest. Lots of white all around, which is quite different for a lock. I'm not sold on the bandit mask.

Mmmmppp, so colourful! I love it!
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90 Undead Warlock
oh hi warlocks. Hmm the guy above me, im seeing a troll fire mage look. 6/10.
The set doesnt really match your skintone and looks bad in the armory

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