What killed Triage?

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01/23/2013 04:23 AMPosted by Sadiemay
but Chimaeron was never triage. In fact, it may just be the least triage-like fight in the game.

For the spread portion of the fight you only healed the targets to 10k. Anything more was a waste and you were just wasting mana. That is why i used it as an example. You only spammed your brains out on the stack phase which lasted 20 seconds or so.

That's not triage. Triage involves some sort of intelligent decision making and spell selection. Chimaeron spread was just a reaction time check. You knew exactly what you were going to do and when you were going to do it, you knew exactly what would happen if you didn't do it, and your goal was simply to whack the moles fast enough with your pre-selected mallet.

People at low health != triage.
Using the stupid slow heal != triage.
Making intelligent choices among multiple target and spell options based on some combination of resource management and risk evaluation = triage.
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The problem is that the word "triage" means a different things to different people.

Back during the cataclysm beta, when the developers decided that (1) fast cast time heals and (2) too much mana were the devil's work, they talked about "triage", by which they meant something like: "omg, it was so awesome back in vanilla when the heals were super slow and we could coordinate over vent in real time who was healing the tank - 'I've got a heal going on the tank, everybody cancel your casts.'" Gee fun. *rolls eyes*

According to them at the time, it was going to be perfectly fine to leave people at half health all the time, and the intelligent decision making came into play via healers knowing when to choose their "medium", slow cast time, but low mana cost heal to slowly bring people back to full health, as opposed to mindlessly spamming some quick heals.

Of course, every part of that was crap, from the very beginning of cataclysm, and it still is, at least IMO.
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I believe you. It was so bad on my server that I ended up quitting - I was the odd person out in our raid team (times, etc., conflicted) and so I didn't have a set team to do the heroics with. As a result, I had to pug. Well, after pugging a few and wanting to cut myself, I said, "The hell with this" and went and played another game for two months.

Same with me. I remember just plain dropping group if I randomed into H. Stonecore. Troll dungeons were somewhat better for me though, I actually got the bear while they were still current.

If this happened monks would need a true triage kit. Currently we lack that long cast heavy semi cheap heal. Though I agree it is for the best. Single target healing is a lot less mindless and more engaging then PoH, jabx2 uplift, HR etc.. spamming.

Monk single target healing is a mess in general to me. As much as people have been complaining about how UP/OP the raid healing aspect has been, I'd argue the single target part has never been that great (not since mid beta anyway), and been getting progressively worse since launch. So if they did actually try to revamp healers across the board again (they might) we might end up better for it.

I just don't expect it to be comprehensive enough with a blanket fix to all specs. I don't see how it will end up any better than their previous attempts. A few classes will take to it and work about as intended, and the other few will be OP/UP depending on the latest patch. Aka, same as always, so I just say why bother.
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