Very confused.

33 Human Priest
Hello, healing forum.

I've been healing with a disc priest for a couple of days now. It's very good, but I'm having doubts healing groups now.

I have no incentives for healing groups other then gear. Is there not satisfaction in healing other groups? I pop up shields and keep the entire group alive, but it's more stressful then it is rewarding.

Any of you other experienced healers experience this.

P.S Yes, I am new at healing.
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90 Night Elf Druid
As a new healer, it's very common to find it stressful. The first time I healed I was really nervous but after a while got used to it and love doing it now (and have several healing class toons now too).

Every role's incentive is the same, do their job and get gear. If you're doing your job, bosses are dying, and your team isn't dying then you're doing it right and there's no reason to be stressed :P Just have to get comfortable.

But, if you keep healing and find you're still stressed and not finding it rewarding try going Shadow and dpsing instead.
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As Veroicone said, starting out in healing can and does feel stressful at first. You're brand new to the style of play and in some lower level 5 mans (I'm looking at you SFK) groups blunder through with mass pulls and everything going haywire.

One of the biggest hindrances is that you have a really limited tool kit at that level. As you progress you'll start to get more and more spells and I've found it gets a lot easier the higher you go and you'll also get a lot more comfortable. I can tell you leveling my Resto Shammy was a pain at times due to not having an instant heal or HoT for 60 levels. But once I got there wow what a difference. I'm glad I stuck with her and absolutely loved healing on her in Cata.

I find a lot of satisfaction in healing, especially making it through things that have gone really wrong. Lower levels not so much but higher and end game - definitely and it was worth it for me. Will it be worth it for you? That's up to you.
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90 Undead Priest
Everytime I run dungeons, I try to perfect ways to use less mana. I used to pop shields all the time, now I only use them in emergency situations. I've gotten really good at using renew, heal, and prayer of mending.

Then how to set up perfectly for boss fights, and learning the mechanics of the dungeons so I don't have to waste time healing myself.

I like healing, because you actually have to think and pay attention to everything, instead of smashing buttons in a sequence.
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