Class rotation and enchant/reforging guides.

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Sitting in trade chat reading all the horrible information given to people on how to play their class has led me to create this thread. I don't think all of it was trolling, but the majority was probably due to lack of information.

To all that may be new to the game or just trying to figure out your class/spec a little more I've found a decent site to help. In the YouTube link below are series of class guides that offer a really nice starting point.

The following site is a starting point for people unsure on how to gem/enchant their gear. Keep in mind this site has it's flaws but it can serve as a base to help with the challenges of reforging and enchanting gear.
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Just gonna leave that there.
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There is also for guides on all of this imfortmation
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01/25/2013 09:58 PMPosted by Xénthõs
There is also for guides on all of this imfortmation


Use Icy-veins.
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I'll post here the same thing I did in cam's thread.

If people want to know these things, they'll find them on their own. If they don't care, this forum post won't change anything.

I don't doubt your motives for this post like I did the other one, but just saying it's a fruitless effort.
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90 Undead Hunter

Everyone else, why put someone down who is trying to help others?
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Nothing wrong with posting helpful advice (with the right motive) anywhere you feel that advice is underrepresented. Heck, posting guides on your Facebook page might help someone out. As customers, we have no way of knowing how many people read these forums, learn something, but never post in them.

Kudos to the OP, and posting to tell someone that posting is a waste of time is silly. I realize I now find myself in that same chain... but, seriously... what harm could possibly have come to anyone but the poster?
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