Argument for glyph for disc AOE heal in 5.2

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I currently am tracking PoH by monitoring DA with my healing addon. This enables me to conserve on mana so that if I PoH someone and only 3 ppl in the group get DA, then that person is not within the 30 yard radius of everyone in the group, and I should avoid placing PoH on them again.

With the disappearance of DA from PoH in 5.2, it will be relatively impossible to track this more reasonably. One way that I would face this would be to use a glyph that disabled the group only option for PoH. Many dpriests have been asking for this for a while. Plus I think it would be a glyph that A LOT Of dpriests would be happy with on MANY fights.

The lack of being able to monitor it because of an addon isnt the only reason to add this (and btw, monitoring incoming heals has been so far VERY unreliable both on addons, and on the bliz UI frames, and cannot be used to monitor PoH hitting 5 targets). By taking away DA and the inability to monitor PoH will inhibit disc AOE even more as it is our ONE aoe heal, further fracturing our ability to successfully keep a raid alive. Why should disc AOE be subjected to these limitations, when every other healer AOE is not?

The ONE huge drawback is that if you glyph this, and then start SS the raid for incoming damage, the game either needs to know to not keep placing the shell on the same targets or to nullify the glyph when SS is active and take back the group limitation. I think this is extremely desirable because this will cause players to not use the glyph and use SS to raid heal, as it wont be efficient to keep shelling the same ppl over and over again - and no one likes limitations, we like options :). Or perhaps this will be the limiting factor of the glyph, that will keep disc aoe from reaching the proportions it is currently at.

Come on bliz - grant us this present as a way to gain back our faith after slaughtering our short rule of the hps meters. Por Favor?
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90 Human Priest
If you're using the default combat text, you can see how many people got hit. If you're using a healing addon, you can use an AoEAdvice/cluster-finder to show you which target to select, or who will get hit by PoH, if it's important to you.

As long as spirit shell functions the way it does currently, PoH should stay party limited. I think it has been suggested before, though, to have a glyphed PoH that was a 5 target smart heal for a bit more mana.
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90 Human Priest
Get an addon to show who is the optimal PoH target in each group.

Way way easier than tracking it through aegis and not knowing until after you cast.
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Get an addon to show who is the optimal PoH target in each group.

Way way easier than tracking it through aegis and not knowing until after you cast.


Vuhdo has a built-in functionality called "Cluster Finder" and I'm confident that Grid has a comparable plug-in. Great tool for any healer with something range-limited like PoH, Holy Radiance, Chain Heal, etc.
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