What addon? And a off topic question!

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So I'm tired of healing with no addons, honestly only ones I have are recount and DBM. I feel with some healing addons it would help so could anybody recommend some?

For my off topic question would race changing to dwarf put me back a ton? I prefer there casting animations and overall look!

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It really depends on what you want the addon to do. Are you looking for a different casting style? Do you want to track buffs/debuffs/HoTs more easily? Do you want new raid frames or just a new way to interact with the default Blizzard UI?

I started with Clique, which is an easy way to make mouseovers for your spells (so you don't have to click a raid frame first, just hover the mouse over it). I recently upgraded to Vuhdo because I wanted to track shields, HoTs and tank CDs and I'm in love. There are many choices out there, and it's all dependent on your style and preference. Healbot, Grid and Grid2 are all solid choices. You might take a look at various UIs to see what appeals to you. I know in the UI and Macro forum there are frequently threads of people just posting screenshots of their UIs to give you some ideas.

If you want to go dwarf, go Dwarf. The extra spirit human racial isn't huge. I suppose the racial ability would be another thing, but it depends on how much you PvP.
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I my self like Healium add on. It is like press here dummy for me for heals.
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01/24/2013 05:51 PMPosted by Cennis
I feel with some healing addons it would help so could anybody recommend some?

I just recently went through my own dilemma with this. I wanted to be faster with my Hands so I went through like a 2 week mission to find which one worked best for me. Problems I ran into with each one

Healbot- I could not get the debuff to show as an icon only instead of highlighting the whole bar. (Though I could get it to look like the blizz frames, which I like)
Grid- Holy configuration buttons. So many options to set stuff up but you have to reload to see each change and then you have to download clique to make it all work anyways.
Healium- No. Just no.

I ultimately went with Vuhdo. Primarily because it was my last option to try, I was tired of changing addons and the debuffs showed up as icons! Whoo hoo. It took my almost 3 hours to set up Vuhdo the first time. But if you tell me where I can upload a copy of my folder I'll give you my settings.
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