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100 Human Paladin
Alright so here's the deal.

The past month I have been experimenting with the different 90 talent options. Holy Prism, Execution Sentence and Light's Hammer and i am getting some confusing results.

I have looked at tons of different armory pages and it seems the trend is that Execution Sentence is the norm. I would say 95% of ilvl 490+ Rets use that in their spec.

Now I am not sure if i am doing it wrong or what, but every time i try to use Execution sentence i see a significant DPS loss. Maybe i am using it incorrectly. idk.

Right now, i am on a dummy in Shrine and i am pulling 15-20k more with prisim (non aoe casted) i regularly get 145,000 crits with Holy Prism, and i can cast it every 20 seconds. It actually feels stronger Than Templars Verdict in some cases.

Execution sentence seems to drag and maybe do 100k every time it is casted.

Along with this Execution Sentence feels out of place in the rotation. Seeing that it uses the GCD, it is hard to place sometimes having to decide between gaining Holy power and using TV or using Execution Sentence. the latter seeming to be the lesser effective of the two.

Along with this, Holy Prism is more viable on AoE pulls and is handy at a range.

I have been in probably 20 threads looking for an answer, but somebody please explain to me why Execution Sentence is so much better than Holy Prism. Because honestly i see absolutely no reason to ever use execution sentence... and I consider myself to be somewhat fluent with the Ret Paladin.
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90 Human Paladin
Execution Sentence deals far more total damage over its duration than Holy Prism; its total average damage is more than double Prism's, and the difference widens as attack power increases. 100k+ from the final tick alone is not uncommon; I've seen 200k+ with stacked cooldowns and procs, and this isn't even counting the first nine ticks. Prism's shorter cooldown is not as advantageous as it may appear, since its damage per cast is not high enough to prioritize it highly, so using it on cooldown is usually a DPS loss, and prioritizing it properly means an average of >30 seconds between uses, so less than 2 prisms to 1 ES, rather than the 3:1 that their cooldowns would seem to suggest. ES also combines better with procs and cooldowns (one ES in three can benefit from wings, while only one Prism in ~6 can).

This isn't to say Holy Prism is in any way a bad spell, it has its uses. But ES is superior when speaking strictly of PvE single-target DPS.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Holy Prism for PVP; the short CD and still relatively decent damage outweigh the minute CDs of the other too.

As far as PVE goes, ES for bosses, and whatever the third is for AOE trash.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Stack it with avenging wrath when you use it, and if you use mogu pots that will increase output as well
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1 Draenei Priest
Light's Hammer is garbage in PVP. As an AOE skill, it's damage is too low when it comes to single target damage. It's damage and healing is dealt over 16 seconds and the fact that it's a fixed position AOE, it means that an opponent can easily move out of the area of effect, thus avoiding the damage and denying you the healing (as you'll probably have to move as well). It's 1 minute cooldown makes it unreliable when coupled with these other factors. I don't even think the DoT damage interrupts node captures.

It is, however, decent for PVE AOE on trash.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Grog's Rule of Thumb: ES is superior for single-target boss encounters, LH for multi-target boss encounters, HP is great for trash.
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