[H] <Caustic> 10m LF1 DPS(Mage/Priest/Shaman)

100 Blood Elf Paladin
We are a small raiding guild. We recently started raiding normal modes and need to fill one last spot. Our group is filled with competent, solid, no-drama people that know their class and learn quickly. We are a tight-knit group and although we consider ourselves a casual raid, we expect to progress quickly. We all have experience at the highest tiers of raiding and PvP (we have at least 5 ex-HWL) We are looking to move on to heroic modes in the next week or two but would like to get our 10th slot squared away. The nitty gritty:

Raid nights: Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 to 8:30 PST
Classes needed: Mage or Shadow priest or Shaman (or MAYBE a warlock)
Qualities we want: Competence, quick learning, no drama
Gear: We don't care about iLVL, if you know your class then the gear will come
Loot Distribution: We use the "Don't be a jerk" rule - The people that can use the item discuss and determine who gets the item (usually whomever needs it the most); any disagreement is settled by a roll. This has worked well for us for years with no hurt feelings.

If it sounds like this is a fit for you please PM me or contact me (BattleTag = Warz#1616)

We can use someone as soon as Monday (1/28/12).
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Thanks for posting Megz,

"She" pretty much summed it up. Right now we raid two nights a week and we intend to keep it that way. We have a raid smarter not harder attitude with progression as our goal which translates to our raiding philosophy, "Don't be a !#*%%!*! and gear is a means to see and experience content"...or something close to that.

Everyone who is already here has been raiding wow for the better part of 8 years, many of us together.

We do have several expectations to be met upfront before we really consider those interested. To be transparent, we don't want our time wasted nor do we want to waste yours. If you do not:

-have raiding experience and know boss encounters on normal mode for the current tier
-know how and already have a plan to min/max your character
-learn fight mechanics quickly (relative term)
-have the time to commit to the full 3 hours (as uninterrupted as possible on progression nights; expect less than 3 min wipe recoveries between boss pulls)
-and come to raid stocked each night with flasks and pots to last

then we are probably not the raid for you. However, if you are looking for a challenge (especially next raid tier as this has been out for a while) then send me or Megz a note in game and we'll set up a time to chat and perhaps toss you into a challenge mode or two prior to your first raid.

We're also an adult raid and you can expect like vocabulary in vent. Any issues concerning young hordlings, wear a headset or close the door. :)

*update* We'll be trying out two potential mage candidates on the Monday run. Slots still available for Wednesday the 30th. We expect to have a full roster starting Feb 6th.


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90 Orc Death Knight
I approve of these messages. 9/16 N our first week (9 manning MSV slowed us down). Hope to be in terrace by the end of week 2.
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...Tomorrow Convulsion. No exceptions, no excuses.

(assuming Helath dosent screw it up. (you did demote him in guild yes?) )
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90 Pandaren Priest
If you all are still in need of a Shadow Priest, I'd be happy to oblige. You can usually reach me on either Somnius or Protega.
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