Holy Priest Viable?


I love playing holy; I also feel like I am better at it than Disc. I love the play style, and the ability to switch Chakras to what ever situation fits (aoe heals or single target). Are holy priests brought to raids often?

I know that Disc is dominating the world parses right now due to the fact that absorptions are being factored into healing output. However, I absolutely love holy priests, and I would be very upset if the spec was considered "gimp". Does anyone have any feedback as to wiether or not I should continue in the "spriest pvp" route and give up on holy pve? Or should I continue to pursue gearing holy and hope to be brought to a raid?

I love playing priests in general, and I just want to play at the highest level at what ever spec I choose.
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Yes, holy is a viable raid spec for Priests.
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It's a viable raid spec, though more so in 25 mans than in 10 man content.
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Holy is more than capable of healing any encounter in the game.


To elaborate, they have great raid healing CDs and spells, a fantastic single-target CD in Guardian Spirit, and thanks to Serenity their single-target healing is competitive as well.
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Thanks for the input! I greatly appreciate it!
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Holy is a very strong spec that can handle all available content. However, if you're serious about this:

01/25/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Exmortem
I just want to play at the highest level

As a priest, you really need either (a) both healing specs or (b) one healing spec and an excellent Shadow spec. And you really ought to be able to do at least a respectable job in the third spec.

The thing is that "pure healer" spots for priests go to priests who can switch between Holy and Disc as needed, since that allows the raid to switch up its healing comp without changing the number of DPS or swapping people out. Taking a one-spec healing priest means losing versatility and patch/hotfix-resistance.

Priests are also very competitive for "healer with dps offspec" spots (or "dps with heals offspec"), but if you want one of those at the highest level, you'd better be a damn good shadowpriest.
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You better be a damn good shadowpriest also says it all.

This applies to all raiders actually.

Our frost DK can tank with equal skill.

Our lock can do Demo, Destro and Affliction with equal facility.

Our resto shaman can do enhancement and pull some numbers.

Our elemental shaman kinda suck, he can only do elemental. We still had nightmares from the last time we had him heal.
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a fantastic single-target CD in Guardian Spirit

Fantastic, until the tank dies without triggering the life saving mechanic. I hate when that happens, though I see it more in pvp than in pve.

Holy's pretty good though. Not far progressed in heroics atm, but done everything up to now has holy with no real problems.
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Holy priest is awesome. They're just weak compared to disc.
Id consider avoiding it ATM. There are simply too many better options for comparibly geared heals out there than the holy priest. WoW loves disc, it shows and holy has been in the dumps for a couple years now. I too loved my priest before they were raped as a class. Hopefully someday soon they will get that magical nerf and return to their former glory and I can start playing mine again. Until then, avoid the frustration and roll a dif healer or go disc.
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Oh dear....did you have to necro this? :( It's over a year old.
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Necro's a thread over a year old with completely wrong advice.

That's pretty troll.
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