Are there any twinking guilds left here? I've got a few toons that were originally planned to hit 90 but with the retarded amount of questing involved in Mist...PASS So, figured maybe I'll twink a few out. I don't really care which expansion though will not go Alliance. Horde life through and true. This is what I've got to work with atm.

70 hunter Sangoh, 80 Shaman Jjaken, and 85 DK Bankotsuu

May also consider pugging Narakuu out for MV and HOF. Got 0 experience in Blossem:(
3-4 week break from the game left me finding a new group. I will not likely be interested in changing guilds on Narakuu hints the word pugging. Pretty happy here at Fault Line with my friends. If you do happen to need an OT slot filled for the night or whateve's I'd posibly be down for the ride.

Just hit me up in game, here, or on the Shandris Facebook page.