I have to say I have played Ret since BC but.

100 Human Rogue
Even with rogues being less extreme I'm having a lot more fun on my rogue now in Battlegrounds and pvp in general. I can feel the difference when rogues have so many abilities and utilites like mind numbing poison, wound poison etc. and then I play my ret again for pvp and feel horrible. Playing my rogue in this state with my current gear feels a lot more smoother than playing my Ret in pvp and check the gear differences between the two.

I'm not gonna preach or tell people that they should reroll rogue or another class but I have to say that the devs put more attention of utility to other classes.
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01/26/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Avorek
I'm not gonna preach

Then what's the point of this thread?

And Paladins have problems in PVP but utility isn't one of them, if you don't think you have utility on your Ret then you're out of it.

The only thing that could really be said is that Ret doesn't have any unique utility another Paladin spec can't bring.
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100 Human Paladin
Having played both on and off since launch, ret paladin feels as good as a rouge (in a different way) when ret pally survivability or healing is high. When Ret paladins can not off heal or survive as well they usually feel gimp. No idea what it is like at 90 yet. I am assuimg selfless healer was removed/changed/nerfed into the ground because it was good at the end of cata iirc.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
The biggest disparity between ret and other melee specs is our flat out inability to peel.

That, everyone can agree on.

While I strike a target every 2-4sec my warrior alt, on the other hand, can strike up to 6times doing well over 100k dmg within a single shockwave stun.

01/27/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Vir
I am assuimg selfless healer was removed/changed/nerfed into the ground because it was good at the end of cata iirc.

it was nerfed at the beginning of MoP for that reason if I recall.

What was removed was my fav cata talent, in the holy tree that I used from the beginning... which was the talent that made WoG have a 60% crit on targets below 35%. That, with other talents to boost WoG and self healing... it was like your very own LoH without a CD.

Everytime I fight to stay alive I always wish I still had it lmao!
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