Picking a healer / help for mop.

90 Human Warrior
Alright so first off I play 3 classes, warrior, paladin, leveling a druid which are healers, so if someone else could hop in and add information about priest, shaman, monk, and help with druid that would be great. And I will update this post with that information.

First off: PALADIN! (My personal favorite healing toon)

If you are a fan of heavy armor(plate), bright lights(holy), and quite a few instant heals(holy shock, word of glory and light of dawn) then paladins are the class you might want to heal on.

Mechanics: Paladins use Beacon of Light (lvl 39) on a target, normally the tank, which transfers a percent of the healing done to another target to the beaconed target. The percent of the heal transferred is based off the spell used to heal so 100% for holy light(lvl34),50% for flash of light(lvl 14), divine light(lvl 54),holy shock(lvl 10) and word of glory(lvl 9)/eternal flame(lvl 30 talent) 15% for holy radiance(lvl 28)light of dawn(lvl 70), light's hammer(lvl 90 talent), and holy prism(lvl 90 talent).

Single target/small group damage:
Beacon of Light needs to be on someone at all times preferably the tank. Holy shock,HS, on CD to provide holy power for word of glory/ eternal flame. Holy light other people who are not 100% because you are wasting half the heal since its 100% on beaconed target for "free" if the tank is taking heavy damage then use divine light or if he needs a quick heal then flash of light but use it only as an emergency heal since it is very expensive and heals a little more then holy light.

Note: Once you get eternal flame if you want it you can blanket the group with 1 HP, holy power, to provide a 30sec hot that can heal a small amount of damage. But keep 2 or 3 HP eternal flame on the tank to up the HoT on him.

Single target/ moderate group damage:
Once again beacon the tank. HS on CD for HP. But now we are going to use LoD, Light of Dawn, instead of WoG, Word of glory, or EF, Eternal Flame, as our HP spender to keep people alive. Besides using HS on the people with the lowest health we will be using Holy Radience, HR, as our AoE heal but keep in mind it cost quite a bit so don't spam it unless you have to and then with the proc daybreak, makes HS heal AoE next time it is used plus builds a charge of HP.

AoE damage:
Spam HR and weave in some HS then use LoD at 2 or 3 HP.

Mana regen:
Divine plea on CD if mana is less then 88% any more and you will be wasting part of it. Glyphed it's a 5 second cast time for 12% mana or unglyphed it's 12% over 9sec w/ 50% healing for those 9 seconds.

Hand of protection - immune to physical damage for 10 sec but cannot deal physical damage for 10 sec, best used on mages, warlocks, and ele shaman.
Hand of sacrifice - transfers damage taken from target to caster for 30% of damage taken or until 100% of casters health.
Hand of freedom - immune to movement imparing effects for 6 seconds
Hand of salvation - removes all threat gained for 10seconds
Lay in hands - heals the target to 100% zero mana cost 10 min CD best cost per healing spell ever!!

I haven't done a lot of raiding on my paladin this expac but from doing the dungeons from 85 -90 that's the best I got. If you have to add something then please do I'm trying to help out the healing community by making an updated source for healing mechanics / guide for mop. Forgive me for putting it here since most all of my info is from leveling my paladin but it might help someone who was looking for advice or your advice for a different class.
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90 Human Warrior
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90 Human Warrior
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