We need a couple to round out our second team, and alternates for both. At the moment we're 6/6 MV, and 1/6 HoF. Heavy progression starts in HoF this week.

Couple things....

Anyone NOT ready to raid, but looking for a good home online feel free to contact an officer - Deathmyst, Lexicorai, Ephizabee, Outofmidol, Zusa or Zayleigh. We have a very social bunch with anywhere from 6-20 on in the evenings and a few during the day and late nights.

If you have your gear straight, are ready to go, and don't wear your hindparts on your shoulders see me in-game or visit our website at www.rotp.guildlaunch.com

First team is pretty much full at this point, although due to some funky work schedules, occasionally we need to pull someone in for the night. Second team raids mainly on Sunday evenings, and is very willing to run more if a good steady team is in place. I'm hoping that "special someone" will be able to come in and take it over eventually. Communication is key either way.

We need mainly tanks, but a few good DPS and heals definitely won't be turned away.

We're adults. We have lives, jobs, kids, and everything else going on so our progression isn't top notch. We are, however, a dedicated community that rewards those who help out. We do whatever we can to get the bosses cleared within reason, and usually have some good laughs along the way.

If you log in for raids and nothing else, then there's a good chance you'll be paying your own reps for a bit. If you hop in and help us get challenges done and/or contribute to the bank in some way, then they'll all be taken care of.

If your looking for someone else to put up with your garbage after not being happy with the last 6 guilds you've been in, then chances are you'll find yourself very angry with me within 2-3 days.

We want some good folks looking for some good fun and don't care a bit to help you reach your in game goals. We don't do much on hand holding or coddling, however.

If you're interested, then great! If all that up there made you turn up your nose, then good luck!