Need Healing Advice with classes! Thanks!

100 Human Paladin
Love pally in PVP. But yes, we do get stunned to death, but so does every other healer. At most I can bubble for 8 seconds and get total invulnerability, but then it's back to getting stun locked right after that :/

Still, nothing that doesn't happen to any other class. LoS as best you can and move if you're getting hit.

Personal advice: Just play whichever class you like most. I have all classes of healers up to level 85, shaman at 88 and druid at 86. But as you can see pally is the way for me. Priest is down at 72 so you can see which one I least like. Not to say I don't enjoy the priest, just not as much as the other healing classes.
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90 Undead Priest
Play what healer you enjoy the most. As for what's "the best" healer, it all depends on comp synergy and what you are vsing.

- Holy Pallys, they have very strong heals but can get caught out easier than a rdruid or rsham in from bad positioning or lack of CDs. They do not have alot of cds to help them with the current state of arena (once am and bubble are gone it's hard not to get switched onto), too much instant cc makes it very hard to come back from situations w/o bubbling.

-Rsham, Big heals, 100 panic buttons, double mdps (TSG) destroy them, they are very good vs Priests and most other casters at the moment. Hex not breaking straight away from damage is nice. But usually teams will just keep switching from dps to rsham untill the Rsham is out of cds.

-Priest, very good vs casters but can't handle mdps at all at this point, the 5.2 changes look promising. But the play style is very dependent on holding onto your trinket and Pain sup as long as possible. Priest aoe fear will always be nice with something that can cc heals with full duration fears on both dps (Thug/rmp). Just to many outs for fears atm with will and class abilities (kitty/warr/enh).

-Rdruid, with the 15% heal nerf, finding most Rdruid popping tree and NS off the bat just to survive KFC etc, this puts Rdruid in a bad position straight away. Overall if the Rdruid can cc to keep his team mates offensive and position right for offensive/defensive play they do really well with the mass amounts of abilities at their disposal. The 10% buff in 5.2 will probs bring there HOTs ticking at the right amount again. (God comp with the added block and team defensive's makes Rdruids the best healer atm imo).

-Monk, don't think I've ever seen a monk get tunneled for a kill but with the changes in 5.2 I think it will be near impossible to kill them. Don't quote me on this as I havn't played or vsed alot of mist weavers haha.

With the removal of so much unavoidable cc I think healing will become skilled once again and not what we had to endure this season.

Hope that gave you a ruff idea of were heals are doing well / not so well in this season and next. Best of luck with S13 !

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90 Undead Priest
Also if I ranked the Healers at this point I would say (Taking in what comps they are good in and what they have to vs).

1. Restodruid (Godcomp nuff said)
2. Rsham (yes even with the nerf)
3. Hpal (Only the really good ones can pull off TSG/Shadowcleave)
4. Disc Priest
5. MW
6. Holy Priest

Edit: If you try say Hpal is best because of KFC you are trash.
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