Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin NEED HELP BADLY!

90 Human Death Knight
Hello, Currently on the 2v2 and 3v3 ranked teams. The top 70-80% of healers are shaman over paladins. Which is better in you're opinion and why. Thank you so much and mana is key along with survivability.

Experienced Healers only please. Opinions are only good if you have knowledge with that class.
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75 Orc Warrior
shaman by a country mile. paladin healing is just awful now.
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90 Human Death Knight
Can you please clarify that for me please! Everyone I asked said go pally over shaman because there near impossible to kill..shammy seem a little easier to kill.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
as a paladin you don't ever cast. outside of like aura mastery'd burst healing with cooldowns, you rarely ever need to hard cast spells (except to start your CC chain with repentance).

what comps are you playing? paladins are typically better for melee cleaves where both partners are good at peeling (think like TSG here), because not only are they hard to kill, but they will take less damage and need to cast less while getting peels. in caster cleave comps shaman generally work better because you're peeling with CC and roots (locks, mages, spriests peel with CC based maneuvers not so much snares and damage).

warriors, ferals and DKs peel with damage, meaning that if you swap to the healer they snare and swap their damage to someone trying to kill the healer, forcing you to go defensive which stops damage. a paladin also has the ability to go immune, which means that they can survive on their own for the duration of that plus their cooldowns. that gives the warrior and dk (or hunter) a chance to either burst down someone else (probably the other team's healer) or stop the pressure with more burst which requires you to try and peel them.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I never go oom in arena. And its pretty much impossible to kill me right now, but if I get stuck in a CC chain, I don't have enough hots or anything to keep my partner up. When I play 5s w shamans, he can be CC locked and still be putting out decent heals. I have to pretty much pillar hump the entire time.
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90 Orc Shaman
Hpally is by far the better 2's healer.
better single target heals, better CC, better offensive pressure, better personal survivability.

Hpally is a great 3's healer, but works better with melee than with casters. KFC/Kittycleave/Turbocleave/Junglecleave type comps are just instanly better with an hpally than rsham.

Rshamans are better with casters and against teams with Fear. Its pretty obvious the class with an aoe fear break on a 1minute cooldown is going to handle fear better than the class without...

mana.... rshamans are probably more mana efficient than hpallys but not to the point where its a distinguishing factor between the classes. (unless you're training the shaman, shamans have the worst mana regen if they are forced to keep earthshield on themselves)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Paladins are harder to whittle down, whereas with a shaman you can pretty much swap to their partner in 2s, then swap over to them the second they show their faces from behind the pillar and just alternate until they oom.

I've been running 2s with a paladin and we decimate any shaman/caster team. It just takes a lot of target swapping and forcing the shaman to use his big heals.

Paladins on the other hand, can put out a fairly huge amount of healing without ever needing to cast and do it in a relatively efficient fashion.

It really honestly depends on your comp. Comps that favor snaring/rooting/silences/fears, etc to peel off the healer will do really well with a paladin, while comps that can keep cc off of a paladin and force the other team to play defensively will do better with a paladin (partially due to the insane amount of cc a paladin has in his arsenal.).

Also, shamans are a lot less aggressive than a paladin so that's always a part of the choice. You'll never see a shaman rushing into melee range of a caster to interrupt/stun/repentance/blinding light. Hex isn't strong enough to be good for a comp without heavy cc built in to the other teammate(s)
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