January 27th, 2013 - A thread before tomorrow

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These threads seem to have become a little slower now that the MoP launch is a little further in the past, unfortunately.

So, you guys know how in movies and TV shows where there's a clone or copy of someone and the "who is the original" situation arises? Me and the another character in my Pathfinder game upped that pretty hard earlier.
To explain, I'll first give a bit of information about the characters that were involved. My own character is an Angel-Blooded Aasimar that has the Alter Self spell as a racial ability. The other character, my partner in crime, is a changeling that managed to keep the fact that she was a changeling hidden from the rest of the group by never leaving the form of a male human. We're running a thief's guild sort of campaign, so these abilities are kinda really useful in getting into places. Then there's the last character in this equation, a half-orc that is kind of a !@#$% but lovable.
Well, in today's game it was revealed to everyone in the group except for the half-orc, who separated from the group to go buy supplies, that the human in our group was a changeling. Because said half-orc had very recently been a pain in the ^-* about starting fights, the changeling character wanted to pull a prank on her. What ensued was the changeling taking the form of our half-orc who then proceeded to pretend to be flirting and cuddling with one of the other party members, who the half-orc distinctly wasn't fond of. When the half-orc came back to see herself in the arms of the other character, we all then proceeded to act like our changeling was the real half-orc and that the half-orc was the imposter, who had kept the real her locked in a closet for all this time.
What ensued was hilarity, as our changeling's already high bluff rolls scored natural 20s, which caused the half-orc to even doubt herself. Eventually, though, the changeling shifted back into her human form to keep the half-orc from walking out of the room in anger.
That's when our half-orc went into a rage and started swinging fists, and managed to land a hit, which prompted our changeling to try to act as if some great illusion had been shattered by immediately taking the shape of my character. To top it all off, my Aasimar then took the shape of the human that our changeling had been in up until this point and was like, "Actually, I'm the real <character name here>."
At this point, we basically broke our half-orc, who was so thoroughly confused at this point that she refused to believe anything and retreated to her bed with her bow alongside the threat of shooting the two of us.

And that is my story. It is time for bed now, my little Sentinelites. Farewell.
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