Better Than You (BTY), a Level 25 Alliance guild established in 2007, is looking for more Lvl 90 raiders to fill out our Midnight-3AM MoP progression 10-man team. We typically raid late Tuesday & Wednesday nights and then 1-2 nights (Sundays?) during the week as best fits most schedules. We also do alt runs @ 6-9PM EST. Ventrilo, feasts, flasks, and repair money are provided.

We have a great core group but regularly need to pug a few spots each week so our progression has not been as quick as we'd have liked. Our current core group includes DK OT, Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Sham/Druid, Hunter, Rogue, Shadow Priest, and a Mage. We need an MT, OH Heals with DPS MS (Pally or Monk), and a Warlock or Ellie Sham. We prefer 470+ Average Item Level but can work with lower ILs for players that have significant raid experience prior to current expansion.

BTY is an established guild, under its original management since Day 1 in 2007, with many players dating back from Vanilla and Burning Crusade days. BTY is serious about raiding new content but friendly and casual enough that we are flexible, have a good time, and enjoy each others company while learning the fights. Many of us have full-time jobs or family responsibilities so we are not as hard-core as we'd like to be, but even so we have enjoyed success during this and past expansions. The majority of the guildies reside around the Eastern and Western sides of the USA and Canada, while we have some Midwesterners and Australians as well. It's an awesome group from a variety of timezones to make game play interesting! All levels, specs, races, classes, and play-styles are also invited to enjoy guild perks and a supportive community.

If you are looking for a fun, respectful, and experienced late night group please let me know via in-game mail or contact any officer on at the time. Thanks!