LF Late night/Early morning raid H/A

90 Gnome Monk
Hello Dragonblight,

I have currently switched shifts at work so I have a odd ball schedule I can raid. I have looked at different servers and this one seems quite active so it is a possible transfer.

I work from 2 pm - 10 pm or 12 am CST, depending on overtime needed.

So I am looking for a raid start time of
9 pm PST
10 pm MST
11 pm CST
12 pm EST

If I am required over time at work I will be less then 30 minutes later start time and I would know ahead of time.

A little about my toon

Windwalker DPS main spec is 485 Ilvl - This is the spec I am looking to get recruited for.

Mistweaver Heals offspec 489 Ilvl - I do not really play this spec anymore I might try it again after 5.2 but I don't know for sure.

Currently I am 16/16 N and I am not looking for a Hardcore raid guild, I have nothing against progression but I would rather have fun while progressing.

I do play my Frost DK alot in LFR I will probley switch him over with my monk if you would rather have a DK.

Leave me a message if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or observations.

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90 Gnome Mage
Don't know if you were still looking for a home. I think we would be right up your alley.

25-man guild with raids T,W,Th 9-12 PST

We lost a bunch of people due to scheduling changes around holiday times, and just got back with enough people to do 25s in the last couple of weeks so we are at 13/16N on 25-man. However, the majority of the guild is at 16/16N for the tier since we rotated people through 10s during the weeks we were short of people.

Anyhow, give us a look. http://www.satellite-guild.net/

Don't worry that it says we are only looking for ranged DPS,...we are just looking for deeps in general preferring ranged. To be honest, we aren't going to turn anyone away though.
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100 Human Priest
<Triarii> 15/16 25 man raiding guild LFM

About us: Triarii has been raiding since BC. We keep limited raiding hours and don't intend to compete for server firsts, but do expect to progress through current content at a steady pace. We killed H LK and H Madness when they were current content and have historically ranked among the top 5 alliance guilds on the server, although we've been positioned a little bit lower this expansion. In addition to a core progression-focused raiding group three nights a week, we've got a friendly and amusing environment filled with people willing to help out, run old content, or do achievements on off nights. We have kin membership for friends and family, and are open to letting people who start as kin join the raid team if interested. Guildies are expected to be mature, respectful, and friendly. We've always been a low drama guild, and staying that way is of the utmost importance.

Raiding Details: We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm-12am server time. Loot is distributed using the mathematically delightful EPGP system, which rewards effort while ensuring even distribution of loot. We do a 10% decay rate and award EP for showing up early, being ready on time, and staying till the end of the raid. For those not interested in the statistical details, the bottom line is that if you show up and put in the effort to help the guild succeed, you'll be rewarded with gear and boss kills.

What we are looking for: People to become a part of our core raid group and help us progress through current content, including hard modes. While we'll always offer a quick explanation of our method for anyone doing a first time kill with us, raiders are expected to know their class and come prepared for the fights (watch the fatboss videos, read any directed strat, understand the mechanics you need to not fail at). If you haven't enchanted your gear, thinks flasks are for wusses, and don't know how to interrupt on Amber Shaper, you're not for us. If you know how to play, would like to work on progression, and can make all or most of the raid nights, we'd love to talk with you.

We are currently exploring the options of going back to a 25 man guild in anticipation of patch 5.2. PST all your inquiries!

Contact Velissa or battletag VeeVee#1264 or iamhelly#1873 in game for more info.
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