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90 Human Priest
You can always call this thread "the book(s) that started it all".

Looking at the thread "The Book(s) that changed you"...I noticed that almost everything are either adult books (50 Shades of grey?!), relatively recent novels (Harry Potter is still sort of recent) or bible-level literature.

So....what happened to the childhood books? Did all of you only started to read when you were young adults/late teens? Surely there has to be a book you read in your childhood that 'started it all', got you interested. While I'm 100% certain SOMEBODY is going to post "Hobbit" or "Narnia", perhaps somewhere in this group of bookworms, we've read the same not-so-well-known series...somewhere.

So...what's your book story? How did you get into the whole reading thing? I shall start.

I believe this was grade school..2? 3?, in a class of 18 that was a mix of students from grade 3-6. There was a ruddy little bookshelf in the corner and everyday we were to spend one hour reading a random book off the shelf. And that...started it all.

So there was batch of old, watered down, heavily simplified Greek myths. The covers were white and it had more pictures than words. No idea who the author was, but these 1'x1', 5mm thick books, old and torn in the corners with pictures that looked more like classical paintings than a children's book, started my interest in the fantasy and myth genre. There were 4 of them...Perseus, Bellerophon, Hercules and Jason.

Yup. That was it. Got me going for more. Obviously with only 4 on the shelf, I naturally started to go after similar looking books (aka small novels with dragons on the front). Yet somehow I ended up with:

The Dragon Circle - something about...a family of mages, and one of their boy stumbling into dragons. Dragons! I do not remember who wrote this, nor do I remember any character names. So if any of you have the faintest idea what this book is, TELL ME, PLEASE :<

And somehow it turned into this:

Bunnicula - about this...vampire rabbit, told from the POV of the pet's better than it sounds, really, REALLY. BELIEVE ME, PLEASE.

Then it was a train wreck after that :o Hook on fantasy and from then on it was everything from Camelot to Grimms to this thing:

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Patricia C. Wrede - I'll have to list this under "the book that changed you". Read it when it first came out with a very adult-esque paperback cover. Loved it, still love it. Unfortunately you will need a rather steep knowledge of the conventional fairy tales to get most of the references. But this pretty much is my favourite series, still, even after Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl/whatever else there is out there. And, for some reason, I don't remember how I stumbled across it ._.

So there. How I fell into what's your book story?
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88 Blood Elf Rogue
My first books that got me interested in reading (albeit not all that much, I'm more a of binge reader) were the RL Stine choose your own adventure type Goosebumps books. I got the first 4 box set for Christmas when I was like 7 and the first one that I read was #2 Tick Tock your dead. That book in particular is also what got me interested in time travel and alternate world/dimension type stories.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Illustrated versions of Journey to the Center of the Earth and Thousand Leagues under the Sea when I was 5.
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24 Gnome Mage
Ah, Bunnicula. The Celery Stalks At Midnight. I briefly had a cat I named Chester. (Sadly, said cat ran away.)

As far back as I can remember, I've always read books of some type or another. The Mister/Little Miss books stand out. And I remember getting a lot of Hardy Boys mysteries one Christmas. But if I were to think of a book that started me on the path to really enjoying reading, and thinking, and looking for 'more like that one!', it would have to be 'A Wrinkle In Time.' Got it from a second-hand store and devoured it.
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90 Dwarf Death Knight
Honestly, the series is pretty recent, but I'm only 19 so dont hurt me for saying this. Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan was the first book series I read, starting with the Ruins of Gorlan. I loved it so much that I started reading a lot of fantasy. That all being said, I actually liked Eragon.
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69 Pandaren Monk
01/29/2013 11:04 AMPosted by Zamboozle
How I fell into what's your book story?

Well, I got into fantasy by way of the first Star Wars movie. So of course, it was Stars Wars comic books. I remember getting a DC comic that featured individual stories of Aquaman, Batman, and Green Lantern at a second hand book store and just falling deep into those stories while eating Pizza Hutt pizza. But my first novel I read that turned me into a diehard reader was The Sword of Shanara by Terry Brooks. I read that at 13. Sure it was a Tolkien knockoff story, and may not hold up as a literary masterpeice, but for me at that time, it was my world. I was in, no turning back.
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85 Human Paladin
I can't remember a time when I didn't love books, but I had older siblings who loved to read to me so that obviously helped. One of my sisters probably read "There's A Monster At The End Of This Book" to me fifty times.

As far as reading on my can credit Shel Silverstein for that. The Giving Tree and Where The Sidewalk Ends, mainly. I also loved the books by Eric Carle.

My mother read Stephen King and Dean Koontz a lot, so I was reading those books by the 5th grade. Then Robert McCammon came along with Swan Song and Wolf's Hour. Pure bliss.
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90 Night Elf Druid
First books I really remember as kid were the Church Mice series by Graham Oakley. Fantastic artwork and fun stories about a group of mice and their cat pal living in a village church.

Comics: can't really name any particular story as 2000AD was our family fav comic (anthology comic) - too many stories to name.

First fantasy books to really get me into the genre were Fritz Leiber's Swords ... series (Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser). Had read Dragonlance beforehand but it didn't have the same impact - afterwards it felt blander in comparison to Leiber's stuff. The Stainless Steel Rat did the same thing for me in sci-fi.

John Fowles's The Magus was the first book to make me realise that perhaps there was more to read other than fantasy/sci-fi. Reading it at fifteen it's still only book that's made me yell "Whip her!!" at the pages.

Letters of the Younger Pliny got me into classics. Reading his retelling of his father's death at Pompeii really brought home to me what history is.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Hmm... I'm gonna have to with Whitefang by Jack London, that's the first book I recall reading as a serious book and going from there.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Bruce Coville books: Aliens Ate my Homework, My Teacher is an Alien, etc.

The Hardy Boys.

And I had these books from this series called "Great Illustrated Classics" which was just classic books rewritten and simplified for kids. I loved those books.

I was also very obsessed with Indian in the Cupboard and its sequels.

I also remember reading the Fear Street books when people my age were still reading Goosebumps. I felt so adult and sophisticated.

I didn't read much in comparison to the way I devour books now. I read because we only had one TV and my parents were always using it. I couldn't use my NES except in the morning and we had no computer, so I played with my toys and I read.

Reading REALLY became an obsession when I was in middle school and handed David Eddings' Belgariad. That was the first book where I really considered reading a passion.
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90 Tauren Druid
I gorged on books as a child. Our public library system has a summer reading club where you'd read a book, then give a little oral report on the book to a librarian, and you'd get a point for each book. Then they'd give prizes at the end of the summer to the kids who read the most.

Choose Your Own Adventure books were favorites of mine. I'd try to read every iteration of the story.

A Wrinkle in Time (and the follow ups) is something I still read every few years. So strange, yet so normal, so calming, and so terrifying.

We read the White Mountains (the Tripods) books in 5th grade, and those were some great stories of adventure and rebellion. Definitely my first exposure to what would now be called "Steampunk" lit.
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22 Undead Warlock
I... don't know. I really don't. The first book that ever truly got me interested in reading, which I do heavily now, is lost to the mists of time, though now that I think about it, it might've been Junie B. Jones. That's right. HOWEVER, the first book that got me interested in the FANTASY genre, specifically, was Pendragon Book 1: The Merchant of Death. HOLY CRAP IT WAS EPIC. I remember, I was in afterschool, and I found it on the bookshelf. I was so amazed by it that I actually asked my teacher if I could take it home. Heck, the FIRST TWO SENTENCES were the epicest things I'd read so far, ever. "I hope you're reading this, Mark. Heck, I hope anybody's reading this because the only thing that's keeping me from going totally off my nut right now is getting this all down on paper so that someday, when it's all over, it'll help prove that I'm not a total whack job." Just... woah.

After she said yes, I read it in practically a day, then I forced my dad to buy me the next 4 books in the series. After finishing THOSE in roughly a month, I made my dad buy me 6 and 7, then 8-10. I actually really pissed off my friend with my reading; we were trying to write some crap book which was basically a copy of Percy Jackson in EVERY WAY, and he ended up doing most of it, while I read one of the most epic kid-friendly fantasy books EVER. I still remember some of the scenes. Him and me in class together during a free time, him writing this total crap piece of literature, while I sat there, occasionally glancing up to see what was happening around me, reading The Rivers of Zadaa (Book 6). Good times.

I finished all 10 books in the series. I also reread books 1 and 2, read the Percy Jackson series 3 times, read The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, read the Mistborn Trilogy, plus The Alloy of Law, Elantris, and The Way of Kings. I am currently working on the A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Hoo boy.

So, yeah... go fantasy.
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90 Goblin Shaman
So...what's your book story? How did you get into the whole reading thing? I shall start.

I remember some of the Richard Scary books when I was a kid. But none of the kid books got me into reading.

My mother introduced me to Stephen King when I was probably 10 or 11.

She probably regrets that beings I've read almost everything he has written (plus I used to lock myself up i my room for hours reading).

I can't remember a time when I didn't love books, but I had older siblings who loved to read to me so that obviously helped. One of my sisters probably read "There's A Monster At The End Of This Book" to me fifty times.

I totally forgot about that book- loved it when I was a kid. Actually, I liked all the Sesame Street ones from that series.
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90 Orc Warrior
eragon, eldest, brisngr by christopher paolini.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
The first novel I ever read was Mossflower by Brian Jacques. Before that I just read children's books.

After that book, I craved more (novels.)

Redwall for me. I had read other books, but Redwall is the first one that I can really remember.
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55 Draenei Death Knight
David Eddings. I was in middle school in the library it was called "Belgarath the Sorcerer" I was like "Hmm looks interesting." In retrospect I remember it might have been the perfect book for me to grabbed first seeing as how it told the entire story from the beginning.

It was something I read on a whim and slowly learned about the World of Belgarath and his accomplishment. For me he was a BAMF doing everything he did. The battle culmination at Vo Minbre was awesome and I remember thinking "WHo are all these people he was refering and trying to make come true, like the queen of the world and the chosen one..etc etc what happens to Torak."

Well when I was done it had an epilogue that I didn't understand but I knew that was "THE" hero. Only to find out his story had been told completely and in 10 books to boot! I enter that was world then Sparhawks..then slowly branched out from there but David edding Belgarath world would always hold a special place in my heart.
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54 Blood Elf Paladin
I was interested in insects and spiders and would read everything I could about them, but what got me interested in fantasy was the greek myths and comics. After that when I actually gotten into fantasy authors would be the Tarzan/Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Than after reading fantasy for quite a while I branch off in to other types of books with fantasy still being near the top of what I look for to read most of the time. There was some books I really like that wasn't fantasy that I had to read in school that I ended up really liking, which were Where the Red Ferns Grow, Whitefang and The Count of Monte Cristo, which I am so happy that I had to read them. I'll enjoyed them and not certain at the time I would of ever read them.
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