Maelstrom is currently recruiting! We're looking for everyone from Tanks to Healers and DPS to Raid Leaders and Officers.

A little Backround:

Maelstrom has been a guild since 10-31-2005. It has seen some great players come and go and has done it's fair share of hiatus-ing since then. We picked up raiding again in the beginning of Mists of Pandaria but far too much in-fighting between raiders stalled progression. At this moment the guild is more or less in "brand new" mode. The few of us left are still around because we enjoy playing with each other and are interested in raiding as a group rather than finding a group that wants to carry us. We know our classes, we know our roles, and we want to work for our achievements rather than have them handed to us.

So we're looking for like-minded individuals. Players who are more interested in the encounters than the gear. Gear is the result of success. If you enjoy raiding and are looking for other people who enjoy raiding, then we might be the guild for you. If you don't mind spending a few hours learning new encounters because that's how progression works, then check us out. Downing content for the first time with a group of first-timers is so much more rewarding than being the one person of 10 or 25 who hasn't seen a fight and your contribution doesn't matter all that much.

The Raid Stuff
Since we're rebuilding, raiding times are pretty flexible. We're currently trying to setup as a 9pm-12am PST time, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I currently stream much of my time in World of Warcraft via my channel:

We use Mumble for our raids.

Loot is currently Suicide Kings, a round-robin style of loot distribution.

The Contact Stuff
/who Maelstrom.
BattleTag: Shang#1535
Twitter: @eethanator

We look forward to meeting new faces and making new friends.
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