Greetings from Maniacal. Are you looking for a home? We want YOU. Please read on if you're looking for an immediate dedicated raiding position.

We are an experienced raiding team in a guild running dual 10s. We run a progressive schedule: Two nights a week, three-hour windows per night.

We are looking to fill a light bench for casual players. We are actively seeking, for permanent slotting most ranged DPS and Healers.

We want reliable raiders who can pack a lot of awesome into our short weekly raid schedule and have a lot of fun doing it as part of a vocal and active group. Filling these slots early means you do not have to be amazingly geared right off the bat, but we are focusing on you as a competent and accountable player first and foremost.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 9-12 EST.

Maniacal is an adult guild, a home to astronauts, lumberjacks, and former and active-duty military. (At least the military part is true.) We look out for one another and balance our maturity with humor and hijinks. It's an “adult” guild, so our Mumble and chat sometimes have bad words and every now and then we get to pick on somebody who's had too much to drink.

For more information or to chat about particulars, contact Mizferac, Zagi, or Bethalyn in game or add BattleTag: Nex#1425
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