Hello everyone! I am a recent transfer to Ysera, and though both my character and account are new, I am a seasoned player looking to get back into the mix after a lengthy hiatus.

First off, let me get out of the way that I have a restriction time-wise: I need a guild whose raid nights don't go past 11pm server time, EST. If it's getting close to that I can stick around for 'one more pull,' that kind of thing, but I work a night shift, and simply don't have the option of raiding any later than that.

Ookay, that out of the way? I'm 88, and when I hit 90(which I'm aiming to in a few days) I won't be geared. Yes, I know. I plan to run the heck out of Heroics, rep grind, and whatever else I need to do to get raid ready. I was a hardcore raider in both Classic(40man) and Wrath(25man), and have held a number of titles within the two guilds I ran with: Officer(W), Healing Lead(C&W), Class Lead(C), Assistant Raid Leader(W), Guild Recruiter(W), Guild Tailor(C), Guild Enchanter(C).

I'm the sort of player that comes to raids on time, if not a few minutes early. I'm the sort of player that brings my consumables; flasks, feasts, and usually a few extra in case someone else forgets. I'm the sort of player that thinks about putting something in the guild bank before putting it on the auction house. I'm the sort of player that loves overcoming challenges, whether it's people looking down on my spec or gear, or challenge modes in Heroics and raids.

Your guild's current progression isn't a huge deal to me, because I'm playing catch-up, and am out of the loop as to what's what endgame-wise nowadays(though I'm a skilled player, and have a strong interest in Heroic modes and challenge modes). Some things that I'm looking for though would be a guild that knows how to 'raid smarter, not longer/harder,' a guild where plenty of people are friendly and active outside of raid times, and a guild where the atmosphere is wearing your game face during raid time and the freedom to goof around freely outside of them.

I think that about covers it? I know my current level and gear don't make for the most appealing of prospects, but I plan to address both promptly, and would like to make my friends in the same place I plan to hang my hat, rather than get cozy in a social guild and then have to move on. If you have any questions of me, please feel free to ask.

- Illyia
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