No Remorse [H] got hit pretty hard with the pre-xpac-boredom bat, and we've lost several of our core raid members to "real life".

Thus, we're looking to fill up our ranks a bit, and we're currently recruiting a tank and some DPS-types for our main 10-man group. We're currently working on 10-man progression in Mogushan Vaults (4/6). Currently, we are raiding one night per week (Tuesdays 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM server time), but we're considering expanding raids back to two nights a week once we can get a solid team going.

NR is a well-established guild on the server. Most of us are mature players who are balancing WoW with work/family/classes/etc. We enjoy raiding together and have a good deal of fun doing so. Our raid atmosphere is relaxed... but let's face it, kills are more fun than wipes, so we expect people to know how to play their class. We only raid for a few hours each week, so we like to maximize what we can get done during that time.

If you're interested, /msg Dkanna, Nerfadin, or Moltisanti in-game.