Updated 1-30-2013
10-Man Mature Semi-Casual Raiding Guild – Alliance on Anvilmar
Raid Schedule:
Friday 6PM Sever to 9ish PM Server
Saturday 6PM Server to 9ish PM server
MSV – Stone Guard & Feng, currently working on Gara’jal
Recruiting Needs:
We need 1 ranged dps and 1 melee dps
Prefer – Warlock & Frost DK
Will consider all qualified candidates as our core group have leveled alts

Elite Outlaws is a 10-man mature raiding guild looking for experienced players that want to experience end game content in normal difficulty raids. Our guild has been in existence for over 5 years and has a base of dedicated players. We encourage players to improve through positive reinforcement and feel strongly that all guild members are respected.
We need players that are above average but we balance that by accepting that we don’t intend to be an elite level guild and have no aspirations to run current heroic raiding clears. With respect to raiding schedules, as a semi-casual guild our 10 man team is targeted to consist of 13 members. We are “ok” with sitting out a week now and then. We believe in starting on-time and keeping breaks to a minimum. With respect to intensity while raiding, we expect 1) raid members to be on time, 2) detailed knowledge of the fights, 3) prepared members. You will be required to maintain a high level of performance while in raid. Raiding takes teamwork and commitment and all guild members understand that.
Contact any of our guild members that are on line or mail one of our officers if interested.
Melihana / Xenshu
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